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Favorite Song
Posted February 21, 2014
By Brooke_Nicole,

'Eye On It' is once again a coloful tobyMac album. With it's good vocals and beats, this album has got a lot going for itself. 

'Me Without You' is a perfect opening. It's got a great vibe, and wonderful lyrics.

Following the opening is 'Steal My Show'. The song is creatively arraned, and the message is about letting God control your life. Giving it up to him.

'Eye On It' is total epicness. It's such a great song of determination. Tobymac says that it's about being "Driven to pursue pationately a relationship with God", and boy, this song's got drive. Skipping to the 6th song on the album, "Unstopable" you'll find the same determination as 'Eye On It'. Featuring Blanca from Group1Crew, she adds her powerful vocals to top off this killer song.

'Lost Myself' seems to reflect Matthew 10:39. "Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." It's such a great verse, and such a great song.

Going on to song 9,  "Thankful for You" we are once again introduced to a catchy tune. 

'Made For Me' is clever and 'Mac Daddy (Tru's Reality)' is humourous. Both song add a nice spin to the album.

The final song, and my personal favorite, is 'Favorite Song'. No joke, it is the best one on the album. Jamie Grace joins tobyMac for an amazing collaboartion full of coloful harmonies, encouragin lyrics, and great music. It's truely amazing.

'Eye On It' is a fantastic album. It's fresh, yet full of the classic tobyMac we know. You won't be disapointed!

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