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Everfound: My personal soundtrack
Posted June 21, 2013
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Everfound is made up of four brothers from Russia and is one of the most promising new bands that emerged in the past year. I have four main types of albums that really grab me and become the mainstays of my most played albums and songs each year: singer-songwriters like JJ Heller, worship artists like Meredith Andrews, rock/pop bands like Citizen Way and punk rock bands like House of Heroes. I've very quickly added this completely infectious release, Everfound to my most played and admired albums of the year. From the opening hooky notes and punk rock tempo of "GO," I knew I was in for a treat with this energetic album. The mix of tempos is pure perfection and the blend of electronic keyboard, drum and Brit Rock guitar is a thing of beauty.

Rock fans will want to jump right to the incredible track, "Unless." The driving synth-rock beat is perfectly married to the profound lyrics, “There's gotta be a reason I'm alive / Stuck on a wire and it feels like it's over / Unless a miracle takes control / And rescues my fallen world / I confess I'm such a mess / I'm already dead unless." It is an incredible song and rocks my world like "Lose Control" by House of Heroes and "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World. 

Lead single "Never Beyond Repair" sets the tone perfectly for the musical and lyrical hook of the album, which is about finding our true identity. The song insightfully explores what it means to be a soul in process with these poignant lyrics: “The moment you gave up / He gave up His life for you / The Savior is able / His forgiveness is the proof.”

I get swept up in the profession of “God of the Impossible” which reflects the cry of my heart with lyrics that connect to my life verse Isaiah 6:8..."Here I am, send me,” as the band proclaims: "I won't back down ‘cause I believe / You are the God of the impossible / Here I am, send me." Amen to that!

"Torch" is a great song about standing up for Christ. Many of these songs express my ‘emo' feelings, and yet remind me that I wasn't made for this world. This album has become my personal soundtrack, especially in this song where I personally connect to the lyrics: "And if it rains or pours / I'm screaming I am Yours / And no on will ignore who I'm living for / I'm carrying the torch."

“Take This City” is a wonderful Brit-Rock tinged alt-rock worship song, with a super-hooky guitar riff and engaging lyrics reflecting the autobiographical mission of the band, "So let's take this city / Our souls are singing / There's a fire in our bones / I know we won't be defeated if love is leading / We're laying down our stones ..." “We Are Alive” is an upbeat, catchy rock song that represents the thesis statement of this incredible record, “We are the hope of nations / we are the new creation / we are the generation to reach the lost." These are some of the best Biblically inspired lyrics I've ever heard, all in extremely catchy emotional rock songs.

“What Love Means” addresses how our failures are redeemed by knowing our Savior, Jesus. The song opens with these confessional words filled with Truth, "There's no life, there's no death / there's no height that can stand in Your way / Not even doubt or my mistakes / You broke the walls and tore apart the veil." This is an incredible closing song. You’ll be singing along with Nikita as he passionately sings, "You gave away your life, the greatest sacrifice / You did it all so I can know what love means / There's nothing good in me / But You see what I can't see / And through it all / Your cross shows me what love means " Amen. All of these songs are entertaining and challenge listeners to walk closer with God. This album is all about finding our true identity in Christ. He is the answer.

Closing Thoughts
I am a long-time fan of the alternative rock bands Jimmy Eat World, The Killers and Relient K. If you like that style of music, get this album immediately. Everfound is the top alt-rock album of the year. I can't get enough of this album, which is loaded with catchy and hope-filled emotional rock songs. This album will stay in heavy rotation for me all year. Similar to House of Heroes and for KING & COUNTRY, this album features incredibly tight guitar riffs and amazing harmonies. This album is by far the catchiest, most energetic and emotionally engaging alternative rock album I've heard this year.

Song to download now: “Never Beyond Repair” -

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