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Eye on it
Posted April 28, 2013
By hma,

 First of all this is a must buy.Every song on this album is a repeater meaning that I can't stop listening to it over and over.Me without you is a song that says that no one can live without the help of God.Tobymac's words are very strong and applies to everyone.Steal my show means that instead of you taking everything into your own hands nothing will get done for the good.Instead you should allow God to take complete control an listen to Him everything will turn for the better.Eye on it means that keep your on the ultimate prize,heaven,and that when you put your eye on God you will most definitely gain eternal life with Him.Forgiveness means that no matter how many wrong things we have done or about to do,"No matter how lost you are your not that far yout not too far,No matter how hurt you are your not that far your not too far,No matter how wrong you are your not that far your not too far,and No matter who you are your not that far your not too far."God will always forgive us.Speak life means that you should witness to others about Christ rather than not.Unstoppable means that once you start to tell others about Him there's no stopping it.Lose myself means that you have to forget about yourself to fully follow God in everything you do.Anyway this is just a little bit of what the album has to offer.Check out one of Tobymac's greatest albums and I guarntee that his words will speak to you.

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