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Misty Edwards [Only a Shadow]
Posted March 31, 2013
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Only a Shadow captures Misty Edwards and team in a raw, fervently energetic, live prophetic worship concert. Recorded with Onething conference goers, the album features primarily new songs with a handful of familiar tracks from Misty’s past decade of worship releases. Misty Edwards is an active leader at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, Missouri, a ministry launched by Mike Bickle. Misty’s musical work stands alone as excellent worship music in and of itself, but much can be gleaned from understanding the dynamics of the context in which the songs are formed: 24/7 prayer, worship, and fasting. IHOP-KC has held live worship non-stop, without closing the doors, since September 19th, 1999.  Much of Misty’s music springs spontaneously from two-hour prayer and worship sessions called ‘Worship with the Word’ or intercession sets.

Released March 19, Misty’s full-length album Only a Shadow is truly an anointed album and can best be described as a prophetic worship experience. “Ezekiel 1” is a spontaneous worship prophetic reading by Misty which sets the ethereal worshipful tone of the album, like Kim Walker-Smith and Jesus Culture. “Baptize My Heart” reflects Biblical yearning to know Jesus with these compelling lyrics, I pledge my allegiance to Jesus, to Jesus, I pledge my allegiance to the Lamb.” Misty has consistently impressed me with her mature faith and her sincere desire to serve Jesus. Being a Christian father of three young daughters, these songs all reflect the yearning for Jesus I pray for my daughters’ to feel in their hearts as well. “Only a Shadow” and “Shine like the Stars” are beautiful prophetic songs, with Misty proclaiming “I am my Beloved's and He is mine. Rightly do I love Him, though I walk through the valley of the shadow” in the title track. Misty clearly loves our Lord and Savior Jesus with all of her heart.  Misty passionately professes “Knowing You is eternal, both now and forever…we will shine like the stars” based on Philippians 2:14-16: “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life—in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing.” “Shine like the Stars” has a very catchy and worshipful electronic dance-pop musical style. The song is an amazing reminder of how we are called to be a light for Jesus, everyday, “without complaining or arguing." 

The album includes a few moments that take my breath away with how vulnerable and sincere they get, especially “I Will Waste My Life.” Misty belts out the Truth of the song with these prayerful words, “I am in love with You I want to take Your name / I am in love with You I want to cling to You Jesus / Just let me cling to You Jesus / I'll say goodbye to my father my mother / I'll turn my back on every other lover and I'll press on yes I'll press on.” “Pour My Love On You” is another standout song, also recorded by Phillips, Craig & Dean. The song keeps with the theme of praising Jesus for His sacrifice with the confessional lyrics, “Lord this is my desire, to pour my love on You / if praise is like perfume / I lavish mine on You / Till every drop is gone / I pour my love on You.” The song flows seamlessly into “I Give It All” which has Misty passionately praising Jesus, “You have my heart, I give it all to You.” Don’t miss out on Misty’s singing in “You Set Your Love on Me” as she passionately captures the prayerful tone of the album with her grateful proclamation, “Love loves to Love, and the reward of Love, it is love...I’m speaking about Christ.” As if that weren’t impressive enough, Misty then completely captivates me with “I Love Your Ways.” Before the song Misty says “this whole thing comes down to Love.” Misty closes with another upbeat prayer-song, “Between the Cherubim.” She confesses for all of us as believers: “You who dwell between the cherubim to You we cry / O Shepherd of Israel restore and cause Your face to shine / Don't remember our former sin Let Your mercy speedily come / O Shepherd of Israel restore and cause Your face to shine.” Amen.

The album is framed between themes of the love of God and the resulting pledges of unwavering devotion fueled by this love, sustaining endurance and imparting vision for eternity amidst earthly trials. As is typical of Misty Edwards’ signature style, both soaring and subdued vocals bear the same provoking, soul-stirring potency. Her penchant for cutting through embellishment to reveal the heart of a matter shines through in each track, resonating beautifully in this vast atmosphere of worship. Only a Shadow invites the listener to encounter the eternal Source of light. The ethereal musical style and Misty’s powerful and gorgeous vocals keep me hanging on every word she sings and speaks. All fourteen songs completely focus me as a listener on joining her in praise, worship and adoration of our King, Jesus. Don’t miss the stand-out songs, “Baptize My Heart,” “Only a Shadow,” “Shine like the Stars,” “When You Think of Me,” “I Will Waste My Life” and “I Give It All.” Get ready to experience and encounter the eternal Love of Jesus in these captivating songs.

Track to download now: “Shine like the Stars”

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