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Great Showcase of Falling Up's Softer Worshipful Side
Posted March 25, 2013
By username2,

 While the previous album in Falling Up's Machine De Ella project, Hours, explore the more rock-heavy side of the band, Midnight On Earthship explores the more softer side. This album makes a good companion piece with the more softer songs found on their previous album, Your Sparkling Death Cometh.  More sonic and space-ish sounds dominate the musicscape as well as lots of acoustic guitar.  Jessy Ribordy's lyrics are also beautiful to hear as this album is more worshipful lyrically while mixed in with his signature poetry.  And just like with Hours, Midnight on Earthship has a stronger second half musically and memorably.  

Midnight on Earthship does a great job in showcasing the band's softer side while being its own unique thing.

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