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A Messenger
Posted February 13, 2013

 Colton Dixon is most known for placing 7th in Fox's 11th season  of American Idol. He's been doing music almost since he was three years old. Although he also plays guitar, he is most known for playing keyboard/piano. He is here with his debut album A Messenger. I'd call the album mostly Lifehouse-sounding with a couple of songs that sound like Muse or Evanescence. Worshipful ballads, such as "You Are" and rock anthems like "In and Out Of Time" make this album perfect for an indie rock fan.

The album starts off with a 48 second intro to the album's lead track "Noise." In the song, Dixon relates days to car alarms. The car alarms then represent all the temptation that the world has out there. It seems that sometimes they are so loud, that we can't hear God's voice. He asks God if he is there and to call his name. At the end, he knows that he will be okay because God is there with him through it all. "I'll Be The Light" is the album's third track. The song is saying that before God, everything was dark and we couldn't see. Once you finally come to and accept His love, God is like a flashlight that helps you see clearly, even in the darkest of nights. 
"You Are" is the album's current single. It is a beautiful worship song that's calling God everything. In the bridge of the song, Dixon is saying that if he didn't have a voice or tongue, he would worship God by dancing for him instead of singing. When his day is done, he will shout all the praises to the God who saved his life. The first original song Dixon ever shared with the world was "Never Gone" back in June. It's another Alternative Worship song that is God talking to us when we feel lost and have no sense of direction. He assures us that He "Never, ever left us" and will always be there when we need Him. 
The album's sixth track, "Love Has Come For Me," is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's an awesome Christian Rock radio-ready song. In the track, he feels like he is lost and can never get God's forgiveness because he keeps failing. He eventually realizes that Love (God) is there and has always been there and surrenders to It (Him). "Scars" is a Museish sounding song. Muse has those quiet piano ballads that always turns into an anthem rock song. In the song, he feels defeated by his addictions. In the chorus, he states that "Scars remind us of who we are," meaning Jesus' scars after he died on the cross for the world. He gave us His life, so we must eventually give our lives back to Him. 
In "Rise," the album's eighth track, is a song that talks about a young girl who abuses herself and has thoughts of suicide. In the song, God tells the girl to rise because He loves her and knows that she has a purpose in her life. "Where My Heart Goes" immediately follows "Rise." It's an awesome song where Dixon is praising God and proclaiming that God is where he wants his heart goes. It's another awesome worship song that he wrote just to praise God in all His awesomeness.
In an interview with Yahoo, Dixon said that "This Is Who I Am" is an anthem saying that everyone will see the world in their own unique and different ways. He said he won't change for anybody, cause everyone has their own little "quirks" or they are weird in their own way, which I find to be just amazing. My all time favorite song on the album is "In And Out Of Time." It is a legit, anthem-ready rock tune. Even though he said that the album is more of a Christian effort, I believe this song would have the most chance going to a Mainstream Rock station. It's a Muse rock sounding tune that explains that we have limited days left because we know Jesus will be coming soon. His past keeps haunting him in the song, so he feels like he's running in and out of time.
The final song on the album is actually a cover. "Let Them See You" was the only song on the record Dixon didn't write. Scotty Wilbanks, who plays keys for the band Third Day, sent him this song on the early stages of working on the album. The song is just his piano and his voice. He said in an interview with Yahoo that he loved putting it on the end of the record, because it describes how he ended Idol and he wanted to end his album in a similar way, with God at the center of it all.
Most of the songs cowritten by guys who penned some of Kelly Clarkson and Switchfoot's biggest hits, this album is sure to also be a hit! A perfect mix of rock and worship make this the perfect record for anyone who likes indie rock. Dixon had a lot to accomplish on this record with both mainstream and Christian fans, and he did it more perfect than ever! This is very likely gonna be among my top 5 records of 2013. 
Rating: 10 out of 10
Purchase Links: iTunesAmazon MP3
Top 3 Songs: "Scars," "Love Has Come For Me," "In And Out Of Time"
For Fans Of: Evanescence, Muse, Lifehouse

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