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Jeremy Camp [Reckless]
Posted February 05, 2013
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Jeremy Camp has experienced the depth of God's mercy after losing his first wife Melissa to cancer. Over ten years ago, his debut album Stay featured songs expressing Jeremy's reliance on God including “I Still Believe” and “Walk By Faith” which hooked me immediately because they are so personal and biblical. Jeremy has gone on to become a best-selling artist with hit songs “Take You Back,” “Let It Fade,” “There Will Be A Day” and his cover of “Overcome” written by Jon Egan of Desperation Band. Up to Speaking Louder Than Before, each album has improved on telling that personal faith journey that Jeremy is walking, particularly since marriage to his wife Adrienne, also an accomplished artist formerly in the band The Benjamin Gate who released two great albums of her own, Don't Wait and Just You & Me

Camp's newest album Reckless has a cohesiveness and spiritual maturity that I can hear in every song. The opener “Reckless” has a catchy and engaging feel and the theme is a great reminder and challenge to be reckless for Christ in our worldly culture and society. It is one of the best songs Jeremy has ever recorded with these sincere lyrics: “I will lose my life and just let go, because I know this world is not my home, with fearless faith, I won’t be moved, unshakeable inside Your truth, You laid down Your life, and gave it up, so I’ll give it up.” The song has already made an impact on Christian radio charts and if you like Jeremy’s previous hit songs of worship, then you’ll also enjoy this song and album. The album includes several more songs of personal worship which struck me, especially “The Way You Love Me,” “Free” and “Without You.”  I especially love the confession in “The Way You Love Me” where Jeremy praises God for His grace and mercy for still loving us while we are still sinners with the great bridge—“Because of all the love You’ve shown, I will give my life away, give it all away.”

There are several signature style personal songs by Jeremy with very biblical lyrics and a personal calling out to God in faithfulness, such as in “Paradise” which acknowledges that this world is not our permanent home. Jeremy understands about living for eternity as he proclaims “On my knees, I will glorify, in Paradise, One day, I know I will be with You in Paradise, until that day I will surrender all my life, we’ll sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, every knee will bow and say, Hallelujah, we’ll bring glory to Your name.” Amen to that! Bookending his personal commitment to walk with Christ, the album closes with another standout song “Without You,” which ends with the sincere words “I won’t make a move without You.”


Filled with passionate songs birthed in the furnace of worship, prayer and intercession, Jeremy Camp’s new studio album Reckless is a powerful experience calling the body of Christ to a revival and restoration in Christ with eleven brand new original songs. The highlights are “Reckless,” “The Way You Love Me,” “Free,” “Paradise,” “We Must Remember” and “Without You.” The songs all have strong messages. There are several reflective songs for times of worship and adoration. There really aren’t any rockers like “Take My Life,” “Lay Down My Pride” or “Tonight,” and this album displays a softer adult contemporary musical style. The album is filled with messages of hope, confession and worship to our great God and Savior. Jeremy Camp’s enthusiastic and reverent style of writing and singing praise and worship songs has consistently been a draw for me. Camp’s prayerful sentiments are consistently filled with his personal adoration of God. Reckless is no exception.

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