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I Thought I Knew What To Expect From A Chariot Album, Apparently I Thought Wrong
Posted August 28, 2012
By username2,

 You would think that after four chaotic albums that The Chariot would give us a predictably chaotic fifth album to satisfy our cravings.  Well, you thought wrong.  Yes the album does continue their trademark brand of chaotic music but they offer so much more experimental oddness and creativity that I have no idea what to expect next.  Here they incorporate so many odd and out of nowhere things like one track is a piano ballad sung beautifuly by a woman named Angela Plake, another track suddenly turns into something out of an old western movie, and another track is just a piano playing some haunting chords while lead Josh Scogin is screaming the lyrics.  The album also does an amazing job of getting you ready for the weird things by structuring its 10 tracks into a gradual descent.  This is done by how they chose to name the tracks.  The track listing is made up of two sentencs, forget not your first love and speak in tongues and cheek.  The first half contains some standard Chariot songs with a bit of the oddness thrown in to get you ready for the second half, which goes all out in its weirdness.  The final track, "Cheek" contains the entire speech that Charlie Chaplain delivers in the film The Great Dictator.  It's beautifully integrated with the song and may be the best song the band has written yet.  Heck, this album is probably their best album yet.  

Nothing can prepare you for what is contained on One Wing.  Its oddness and unpredictability makes it not only the best Chariot album yet but one of the best albums of the year.

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