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An Impressive Label Debut
Posted August 28, 2012
By username2,

 You might not know this but Abandoned Pools has been around for about a decade or so.  Tommy Walter, the sole member, has been a part of the indie music scene for much longer.  In this, his third AP album, Walter does a great job at introducing us to his style and lyrical prowess.  The style is a mix of indie rock and dreamlike electro pop and it really works.  It's actually been about 7 years since the last AP album so you can tell that Walter has taken his time to perfect everything about this album and it does show.  

Sublime Currency is a wonderful distraction from the summer norm.  It does a great job in introducing new fans to his style and keeping any old fans excited.  It manages to rock out hard on some songs and be very dreamlike in others.  It's worth a listen just to see if this sort of music is your thing or not.

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