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Album of the Year (So Far)
Posted July 21, 2012
By username2,

Cold Hard Want is a phenomenal album.  You can hear the heart and soul that was put into it.  Every track stands out and manages to be unique.  From the simplicity of "Out My Way" to the epic sound of "I Am A Symbol" the guys in House of Heroes have managed to push the bar higher in the rock genre.  The lyrics are some of the best the band has written yet and vocalist Tim Skipper sings them with such passion and emotion that it feels like the song comes to life.  

Cold Hard Want could very well be the best album that House of Heroes has made thus far.  Every song stands out and has amazing replayability, Skipper's vocals have never sounded better, and the lyrics are some of the best stuff the band has written yet.  It will be hard to follow up on this album but I trust the band to deliver.

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