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Britt Nicole: Gold
Posted March 31, 2012

Britt Nicole has wowed the Christian music world since her debut, Say It, in 2007, and then continued to garner fans with her 2009 release, The Lost Get Found. Then it felt like Nicole seemingly dropped off the map and did not release another album until now. Gold is her third album, and by far her best effort to date. From the very first song I was in love with this album, and I have not grown tired of it yet. Nicole has really blown me away this album, and I love how this album feels like she really opened up and poured out her emotions. Each song is so much fun to listen to, but if you really listen to all of the lyrics, each song also has a great story or a great message.


The title track is a spectacular way to start the album off, and it automatically had me very optimistic for the rest of the album. The song is a very uplifting one that basically tells everyone that we are all worth more than gold, no matter what anybody tells us. Her voice is definitely spectacular, and she proved right off the bat that she is back and stronger than ever. She even does a little rapping on the song, which is pretty awesome! The next song also happens to be the first and only single released from the record, "All This Time." The song is really one of the more emotional ones, and made me very excited for the record the first time I heard it on the radio. Britt talks about how even in the hard times in her life she has found that Christ has been walking with her the whole time, she just had not realized it before.


"Look Like Love" follows that up with a great song that I think might be a good one for the radio. It has the potential to be really popular and it also has a really great message that talks about wanting to lead by example. She says she wants to look Christ's love so that other people can see through her how great Christ is. It is a great song that carries a great reminder for all of us. "Who You Say You Are" feels like another one of the more emotional songs on the record, which could be because of the slower beat. She talks about the constancy of Christ and that he is alway there for us in every situation.


The best song on the album, and maybe all year, is definitely "Ready or Not," which features the amazing Lecrae. I thought I loved Lecrae before this song, but the fact that he hopped on a pop song and absolutely killed it, gave me even more respect for him. Britt killed this song as well, and they definitely proved that they are a great duo. If mainstream pop artists can do songs with rappers, then why can Christians artists? This song is so much fun to listen to, and I cannot help but dance every time I hear it, even if I cannot dance to save my life. The song talks about shining the light of Christ in everything we do and just not being ashamed of Christ.


I am going to jump down to the seventh song "Stand" next, which reminds me a little bit more of her older stuff, and is definitely a great song. It talks about only being able to stand on Christ's strength, and the fact that He is always there when we need Him most to help us stand. The song is a great one, that has some of the most uplifting lyrics on the album.


"Amazing Life" is another one of my absolute favorites off this record. The beat is super fast and definitely has a beat that can compete with any mainstream pop song out there. Britt proved with this song, and with this entire album really, that she is a force to be reckoned with, and that she also has the talent to compete with any mainstream pop artist out there. Give me Britt Nicole over Lady Gaga any day!


"Still That Girl" is a dangerous song for me to listen to because I always get the chorus stuck in my head, and trust me, it is a little peculiar to hear a guys singing, "You're still that girl! You're still that girl!" I love this song, but I try not to start belching out the lyrics when other people are guys beware!


I used to listen to Britt Nicole all the time in middle school, and this album definitely takes me back to those good old days. Gold is such a spectacular album, with not a single bad song on it. I love listening to this album so much, and I do not think it will ever get tired of hearing each of these songs. If you like pop music, or even if you just like Christian music, I highly recommend buying this album! Gold is one of the best albums of the year so far; Britt definitely created a masterpiece with this one.


Favorite Song: Ready or Not


Favorite Lyrics: "All this time from the first tear cry to today's sunrise and every single moment between you were there, you were always there. It was you and I, you've been walking with me all this time." (From the song "All This Time")


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