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KJ's Still Dangerous
Posted March 19, 2012
By KellyS, Staff Reviewer

Eleven years is a long time to be in the music industry, especially for a Christian rapper. But KJ-52 isn’t your average artist and his seventh studio album, Dangerous, is evidence of this.

“The theme that runs throughout the record is God is calling us to live dangerously for Him,” says KJ-52. “We have to be careful that we don’t give into the world, which is like drinking poison out of a gold cup. But as Christians, we can’t go along with the status quo or play it safe. There’s no room for laziness or complacency.”

Featuring a variety of other artists, a diverseness of sound and lyrics that run the gamut from serious to downright hilarious, this album is far from boring.

The first track “It’s Goin’ Down,” get’s ya movin’ right off the bat with its catchy lyrics and hip-hop beats. You can’t help but bob your head and it doesn’t stop until the end of the last track.

“They Like Me” is just one of several songs containing deep, meaningful lyrics that touch on sensitive topics most Christian artists avoid. Featuring fellow rapper Lecrae, the track talks about racism and how as Christians this shouldn’t be an issue. As Lecrae sings, “We don’t just relate, we are related through the Lamb,” KJ-52 agrees as the chorus repeats, “They like me, they say we shouldn’t get along ‘cuz of our different skin tones, but I promise you they’re all so wrong.”

Title track “Dangerous,” is another thought-provoking song, reflecting the seriousness of holding onto our past. KJ-52 warns, “Can’t forgive or forget, we hold on and it’s dangerous… living like we do is so dangerous.” Freedom only comes when we look forward instead of back.

Other tracks like “Do The Bill Cosby,” are nothing but fun, featuring a humorous description of how to dance like Bill Cosby. This will be a great song to experience live, as I can only imagine what this dance actually looks like.

“Speed That Light” pretty much summarizes the mission of KJ-52’s ministry as an artist. “I’m gonna speed that light, I’m gonna let Him shine, I’m gonna be that light til’ they all know Christ, til’ they all know life,” he proclaims.

Closing Thoughts:
Kj-52 is a pro at blending humor, hope, and depth into every album, while still keeping the energy of hip-hop alive and movin’.  Sometimes this style of music has the tendency for every song to sound the same--not so with this record. Each track is different, with its own message and individual sound. Just like the artist who created it, Dangerous is diverse and unlike any other in its genre. It’s clear that even after eleven years of creating music, KJ-52 hasn’t lost a beat.

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