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TFK Continues to "Light Up" the Music Scene
Posted March 16, 2012
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Thousand Foot Krutch has cemented themselves as one of Christian Rock’s signature rock bands. After leaving their longtime home at Tooth & Nail records, the Canadian rockers are ready to offer up their next full-length studio album (funded by a wildly successful Kickstater Campaign), The End is Where We Begin, and what a ride of an album it is.

The album starts off with a haunting introduction track, which features a brief “speech” (done in a creepy computer voice) that includes the line, “If you don’t stand for something, you might fall for anything.” This leads into the rocking opener, “We Are.” This track demands to be played and played loud. It features some of the most intense vocals by lead singer Trevor McNevan yet.

“Light up the Sky” follows, sounding very reminiscent of “Fire It Up” from Welcome to the Masquerade. The title track follows next--a strong rocker that plays it relatively safe, staying within TFK’s well-established rock sound. Lyrically, it emphasizes the theme of resistance and fighting back that is prevalent throughout much of the album. (In this case, the resistance is about fighting back against the parts of oneself that are corrupt.)

“Let The Sparks Fly” is up next and is also the band’s lead single for mainstream rock radio. This one took a bit to grow on me but it’s worth replaying multiple times just for the insanely catchy pre-chorus alone. The hopeful tune proclaims, “Let me take you into the light... Heaven’s not far away and I’m not gonna leave you here.” TFK fans should be eating this one up.

“Be Somebody” slows things down a bit, effectively mixing verses that sound a bit like McNevan’s other band, F.M. Static, with a passionate and emotional chorus. The track sings out “We all wanna be somebody. We’re willing to go but not that far.” This can serve as a strong reminder of the need to work hard in order to “be somebody.”

An instrumental interlude follows, sounding very Skillet-esque, leading into album highlight “Courtesy Call.” The chanting vocals in parts are spookily addictive. Lyrically, this song is as strong as any of TFK’s work thus far: “I think it might wash away tonight. Awaken from this never-ending fight. It takes more than meets the eye. This war we're fighting is not just rotting.” It may not be anything new, but Trevor’s vocals and TFK’s pounding musicianship make it sound fresh and rousing.

The first song fans heard follows with “War of Change.” A powerful rock track, it stays within the album’s militant themes, warning about a change about to be ushered in. The theme of fighting a “war” resonates on a deeper level as a result of the honest delivery of the message.

“All I Need to Know” and “So Far Gone” offer a balance to the chaotic rock, bringing in a stripped-down soft sound, reminding me a bit stylistically of “Look Away” from their previous release.

“The Outroduction” closes things out with a parallel to the “The Introduction.”

One thing that struck me about this release is the diversity. The signature rap rock of the band’s earlier years returns on several tracks. The emotional rock sound of recent releases still retains a commanding presence. There are also plenty of ballads to keep things interesting. It may seem like playing it safe, but I see it as the band taking the best of all of its sounds and blending it into one dynamic release.

Closing Thoughts:
TFK has released quite a stunning rock record that should make many “Best Of” lists at the end of the year. Whether or not it’s their best yet will have to be left to the fans to decide. Ultimately, there’s a little something for everybody in this release and several of these songs should be livening up stages, radios, and playlists throughout the coming months. I’d be baffled if TFK fans weren’t eating this release up. To put it quite simply: TFK’s done it again and rock music is better off for it!

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