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Duo Definitely Gives Us A 'Reason To Sing'
Posted January 22, 2012
By MaryNikkel_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The creation of All Sons & Daughters is a story of a worship project that grew organically--almost unintentionally--as a natural offshoot of what members David Leonard and Leslie Jordan were doing in their home church. David (formerly of Jackson Waters) and Leslie contributed to Know Hope Collective before moving on and releasing their first EP, Brokenness Aside, during the summer of 2011. Just five months later, they’re back with a new project, Reason to Sing, continuing towards their goal of transparent worship.

This EP begins with the title track, “Reason to Sing,” featuring Leslie Jordan’s fragile vocals climbing over a gentle piano foundation. The song sets a tone of honesty for the project with the words: “When the pieces seem too shattered to gather off the floor, and all that seems to matter is that I don't feel You anymore... I need a reason to sing.” The song asks for assurance in a broken world.

“Oh Our Lord” could almost be heard as a response, a joyful cry of worship that could easily be sung with a corporate voice. Here the focus is the faithful character of God, picking up the tempo a bit to fit the tone of the lyrics. “Spirit Speaks” continues in a similar vein, calling out in surrender. The lyrics are beautifully written, worshipful without resorting to many overused phrases and cliches.

“Buried in the Grave” is a track that could have been written from the perspective of the disciples in the dark hours following Christ’s death, moving to the intense joy at His resurrection. The quiet acoustic beginning builds and grows as the story is told. The songwriting here is at the forefront in one of the strongest moments of the EP. The song is both a story of Christ’s death and resurrection as well as the Church’s hope now in looking towards His return.

“All Praise to You” is another song that seems to invite a congregational voice to sing along as it declares the faithful, holy nature of God. The following song, “Wake Up,” captures and solidifies the message of this EP as a whole, calling to the listener to come alive: “Wake up all you sleepers, stand up all you dreamers, hands up all believers, carry your cross.”

“Reason to Sing Outro” wraps up the project, as the title would suggest. Where the first track begs for a reason to sing, this one cries out “I will sing.” These words beautifully tie the EP together. If the first track is a question, the middle tracks are the answer, and this final piece is the conclusion.

Closing Thoughts:
Reason to Sing is comprised of songs of healing, songs of hope, and ultimately songs of response to the God who has brought His light into the darkness. The raw tone of unaltered guitar and piano paired with the interplay of David and Leslie’s flawless vocals is reminiscent of The Civil Wars, but with a focus on declaring the character of God. Although the tracks are longer than usual (all but one clock in at over 4 minutes in length), there is not a wasted moment on this EP. This set of songs is a beautifully heartfelt cry of response to our Healer.

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