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NeedToBreathe Nail Another Album
Posted November 04, 2011
By dreamingoutloud,

To say 2011 was a big year for Christian Southern Rock band NeedToBreathe would be an understatement, it's been HUGE. Last December, NeedToBreathe were asked by the superstar herself (aka Taylor Swift) to open up for her "Speak Now World Tour," which helped the band gain success outside of their massive sucess in the Christian music scene. That being said, it's no surprise that their latest effort, entitled The Reckoning has landed a spot in the Top 10 of the Billboard Music's Album Charts.

The albums opens with a rock number entitled "Oohs and Ahhs." Although starting like a country song, it soon builds up into a grand rocker. Admist it's rock enjoyableness, the message encourageous that as we have everything we need, we should give it back to other people. NeedToBreathe still show their old Southern groove with "White Fences." The song talks about a kid who lives in a broken home and asks the question "Who is gonna mend/ These white fences?" That person, of course, is Jesus, although the song does not seem to hint at redemption of the home. This happened to be my favorite track because of its stellar gang vocals backed up by Bear Rineheart's stellar voice. "Drive All Night" is a very Country Rock style track, and although the message to me is unclear, is a very great song. This song will sure be a hit in their future live shows.

"A Place Only You Can Go" slows down the album a bit. Although not one of their best slow songs, I liked the use of bagpipes in some of the instrumental breaks. Lead single "Slumber" is an energetic pop song encouraging us to recognize the beauty around us and not just "sleep" through it. "Wake on up from your slumber/ Baby, open up your eyes" the song cries. Although my mom gets this song stuck in her head (which can get very annoying), this does not detract "Slumber" from my top 3!

Title track "The Reckoning" is a poppy track that boasts a very good drum beat, similar to The Afters' hit singles "Light Up The Sky" and "Lift Me Up." "Able" is one of the most straightforward Christian songs on the album. The song admits that we are not able to carry our burdens on our own, and that God can help us. "Maybe They're On To Us" is a rocking track about the band's mission to stay humble despite their sudden rise in popularity. This song once again boasts a great drum beat.

"Wanted Man" is piano and drum based track, and is a highlight off the album thanks to Bear's stellar vocals. "Keep Your Eyes Open" also has a prominent piano track, and talks about how we can never truly see the beauty of the world unless we keep our eyes open and keep out of our comfort zone once in awhile. "Tyrant Kings" talks about how Bear and Bo Rineheart grew up in a small town and how, even though they have achieved success, they don't feel like that in their hometown.

A strong Country song "Devil's Been Talkin'" follows. I love this song, but the only downside is the fact that Bear Rineheart's vocals came too strong on the beginning of the song. "Angel At My Door" is another Country song that is a little more fast paced. "Learn To Love" slows down the album and works as a fitting closer, but I kind of wish the band closed the album with a bang like "Let Us Love" on their 2009 album The Outsiders. The song talks about staying with someone till they learn to love.

Overall, NeedToBreathe's The Reckoning was stellar! They have totally topped 2009's The Outsiders. I reccomend this to anyone who loves Country music with a postive message!

Rating: **********10/10

Top 3 Songs:
1. White Fences
2. Oohs and Ahhs
3. Slumber

Feel free to comment on this review so I can make them the best they can be!

God Bless!

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