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Know Hope Collective [Know Hope Collective]
Posted February 22, 2011
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

After a three-year departure, Audio Adrenaline lead singer Mark Stuart and bassist Will McGinniss return with some of their favorite emerging voices of worship as the Know Hope Collective, a ground-breaking initiative that combines worship music with stories of hope and inspiration. The Know Hope Collective will be an ever-changing group of musicians from a variety of backgrounds who come together to create worship music and share their unique experiences and testimonies. The group introduces new cuts on their debut album Know Hope Collective including “Attention” and “Jealous God,” and re-works some Audio Adrenaline hits like “Ocean Floor,” “Good Life,” and “Hands and Feet.” For me, Audio Adrenaline was one of the first bands I discovered when I became a fan of Christian music artists. In fact, I was only listening to secular music artists when “Devil’s Diary” was recorded by The Caulfields which inspired the writing of Audio Adrenaline’s “Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus.” Jars of Clay’s debut album crossed over and introduced me to Gospel truth for which I’m eternally grateful.Speaking far more than he sings now, Stuart shares the microphone with Julia Ross, David Leonard (former Jackson Waters vocalist), and Jason Walker.

This album opens with the incredible new worship anthem “Attention.” I’ve long enjoyed Mark’s passionate vocal style and I was hooked right from the opening line, You call me here from all the things I'm chasing, You bring me to this place to lie down, You pull me from the wars I've been waging, And remind me there's a table set for us. Exhale, shut my eyes, let me slow down and be still. Speak. You have my attention, Lord. This song reflects my heart’s desire and is a great song for the Church.“Sanctuary” is another great congregational song led by Julia Ross. The musical excellence of each song rivals Hillsong UNITED, and if you like songs like “Lead Me To The Cross,” this album is for you as each song has that level of passionate and worshipful declaration to our God and Savior.

Standout song
“Build Us Back” has already been recorded by newsboys, and you must hear this version as it has completely captivated me and become one of my personal worship anthems. Mark Stuart starting writing the song based on his experience of personally surviving the earthquakes in Haiti as he was there with his wife during that terrifying event. Many times a year Mark and Will visit the Hands and Feet orphanage they helped build in Haiti, and Stuart was there when the devastating earthquakes shook the country. As tragic as it was, hope survives. You’ll be singing at the top of your lungs, especially the incredible bridge Redeemer, redeem us, Restorer, restore us, Oh build us back, Though the mountains be shaken, the hills be removed, Your unfailing love remains, After all that’s been taken, Your promise, still sacred, You build us back with precious stones.” The song literally gives me chills and is a standout worship song. As if that incredible start to the album wasn’t enough, next comes a great re-working of the classic anthem “Hands And Feet.” Along with “Ocean Floor” and “Good Life,” it was great to hear those familiar Audio A refrains with co-vocals and arranged to be sung as a body of believers.

“We Remember,” “Jealous God”
and “Just To Be Here” are all just as catchy and flow perfectly as this album is arranged in an amazing song order. The song I can’t stop playing is “Spirit Speaks.” Vocalist David Leonard’s former band Jackson Waters, an alternative rock band from Arkansas, hooked me big-time with Come Undone and I've been constantly enjoying that album and it was one of my favorite albums of 2007. Their songs are rich in emotion and melody and musically “Spirit Speaks” delivers that Jackson Waters worshipful feel that I’ve been missing. Just like “Attention,” the song is another declaration directly to God, “Your Spirit speaks, it moves in me, and I’m awakened to Your love, You’re drawing me onto my knees, and I’m astounded by Your love, You spoke life into my lungs, and You are the air I breathe, and still You move inside of me, and You are the song I sing.” It is my favorite song on this amazing album.

Naturally I was excited when I heard about this new album, and if you liked Audio A, you’ll certainly LOVE this album. The key for me that makes Know Hope Collective easily the best work ever produced by these talented musicians is the collaboration with these new worship artists to produce one of the most infectious and worshipful albums I’ve ever heard. I would love to sing all of these songs with fellow believers. Every song on this album has quickly become a staple in my playlist of my favorite worship anthems. For sure, Know Hope Collective will be among my top albums of the year.

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