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Josh Wilson [See You]
Posted February 01, 2011
By christianmusicreview,

Josh Wilson returns with his highly anticipated new studio album, See You. Working with acclaimed producer Matt Bronlewee, See You features songs that are sure to inspire and challenge fellow believers. Much like Josh’s previous hit singles “Savior, Please” and “Before The Morning,” See You delivers songs like “I Refuse” and “Fall Apart” that are refreshingly honest and emotional while also lyrically and spiritually profound. Playing most of the instruments on the album himself, Josh also found ways to highlight what so many fans have come to love about him, his God-given talent as a one of a kind musician. Josh had me at “3 Minute Song.” It is a clever song about the challenge as a Christian songwriter to bring Gospel truth into song lyrics, which he accurately describes as Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup. His follow-up album Life Is A Snapshot expanded on that concept with hit song “Before The Morning” and for me Josh hits on all cylinders with See You, which will certainly be one of my top albums of 2011.

The album opens with “Sing It,” a gorgeous acoustic guitar ballad where Josh lays out the theme of this excellent album, “all the words in all the world could never say enough…nothing I could ever write comes close to Your glory…You’ve placed this song inside my heart and all I know to do for You is sing it.” Josh’s excellent musicianship and poignant lyrics continues with “Behind The Beauty,” another standout hit song in my opinion with more words that connect with me personally, “sometimes the smallest things can make our hearts cry out the loudest.” Lead single "I Refuse" challenges me to share my faith by helping those in need and not keep my faith to myself. According to Josh, “The purpose of "I Refuse" is to show people how simple it can be to 'refuse to do nothing,' just by being aware of what is going on in the world around them." Josh writes about themes that cause me to hang on every word he sings, especially “Fall Apart,” a surefire hit song, which is a prayerful song that wrecks me with these lyrics that reflect the cry of my heart as well: “God I want to know You more, maybe this is how it starts, I find You when I fall apart.” “Know By Now” is an upbeat anthem that flows into title track “See You” which absolutely stops me in my tracks. The song is so honest and introspective, Josh is truly gifted as he addresses faith in the midst of tragedy including the lyrics “it is well with my soul” which naturally flows amazingly to Josh’s stunning instrumental acoustic guitar performance of the famous hymn “It Is Well.” “Shine On Us” picks up the tempo and is another prayerful song: “Oh Jesus shine on us.”

One of my personal favorite songs is “Always Only You” which Josh sings to his wife, “we got no money but our love is strong…I’m gonna love you always, even on the not so sunny days, through the good and the bad and I meant when I said, I still do, because it’s always only you.” I’ve been married for 16 years and this song speaks to all married couples. “Forest Fire” reminds listeners of the power of words and the need to “tame our tongues” from James 3, “our tongues are like matches, our ears are like trees, our words are like sparks on dry summer leaves, it doesn’t take much for the flames to rise and turn a soul into a forest fire.” I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to an album this challenging and musically interesting. Closing song “They Just Believe” ties it all together with this amazing chorus: “I believe, please help my unbelief, Jesus give me grace to trust the unseen, Your ways are not my own…but You say blessed are the ones that never see, they just believe.” Wow, Josh manages to “fit the ocean in a cup” with that perfect reflection of Gospel truth from the words of Jesus.

Having previously enjoyed Josh Wilson's hit songs "Savior, Please," "3 Minute Song" and "Before The Morning," I have eagerly anticipated See You. This album firmly establishes Josh as the premier folk style singer-songwriter in Christian music. Josh's poignant song writing is coupled with musical excellence as each song urges me to better see God. This album is sure to connect with all listeners who like catchy songs filled with truth and yearning for God. Every song is catchy and you’ll want to listen to every song in order as Josh ties all the songs together from opening notes of “Sing It” through the end of closing song “They Just Believe.” Josh writes catchy folk-pop style melodies and story-songs and if you like Bebo Norman, Matthew West and Jason Gray, then you should really enjoy Josh Wilson. I can’t get enough of this album, sure to be one of my top albums of 2011. Josh invites you into his life in such an authentic and relatable way, you’ll feel like you are a lifelong friend after you hear this album.

Rating: 9.9 out of 10 (99%, A+)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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