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Abandon brings their two EPs together quite nicely.
Posted January 04, 2011
By TissueShoe,

(*Note* This review was written within a couple days after this came out, so when I say "over the past year," I mean in the year preceding the album's release.)

Over the past year, Abandon has released two EPs, each containing 6 songs. It seemed an odd release pattern, as the normal pattern would be to simply include the original EP in a full-length album, but for some reason the move has not been made until now. Searchlights is the long-awaited debut full-length album from Abandon, featuring the 9 best songs from the two EPs and 3 new songs. While it's mostly made of recycled tracks, the songs were fantastic to begin with, and the three new songs are great, making the final result a fantastic work.

Abandon has a sound unique to the Christian scene. People have compared their sound to the Killers. They are definitely Alternative in their sound and style which suits them well. The vocals are solid and easy to sing along with, the instrumentation is pretty solid, and the songs are well-written and fun to listen to.

As if good sound isn't enough, Abandon pushes it further with some solid lyrics about a variety of subjects. 'Providence' talks about, well, Providence taking its hold and how it controls the ways of man, while 'Confession' is about getting over one's pride and laying out their sin before God in surrender to Him. 'Safe In Your Arms' sings of finding refuge in God, and 'Your Love Lifts Me Up' encourages believers by ensuring us that Jesus' love keeps us going. Other lyrical strong points are definitely in 'Here Waiting,' 'Hold On,' and 'Hero.'

It's also interesting how the lyrics flow together between songs. For example, 'Song For the Broken,' which is about the savior for the lost, is followed by 'Confession,' implying that one has acknowledged the savior. 'Safe In Your Arms' is followed by 'Here Waiting,' which is interesting because it goes from talking about God being a refuge to God being open to anyone who comes to Him. The start and end of the album also seem to connect, as 'Hold On' kicks it off imploring you to wait for the savior, while 'Hero' describes the savior, Jesus. Interesting connections make the album all the more exciting and interesting.

Overall, Abandon has proven themselves once again in new ways with past songs, while adding three solid new tracks to the mix. The sound is very entertaining and different than any other Christian artist you will find. Their solid lyrics encourage, describe, and make one think, and the way the songs are ordered reveals some neat connections not otherwise made so easily from the original EP track listings. Don't hesitate to try out Searchlights: you won't regret it. In fact, you'll only want more.

Should You Buy It? Yes! Buy it! Listen to it! Enjoy it! Think about it! If you have the two EPs already, don't buy the whole thing, seeing as you could own the whole album by just getting 'Confession,' 'Here We Are Now,' and 'Safe In Your Arms.' Buy those songs, because they're well worth it.

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