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Finding Yourself
Posted October 20, 2010
By IronJedi,

Indie group About A Mile is an acoustic-influenced, rock trio taking cues from the likes of Bon Jovi, Creed, Daughtry and Lifehouse. Comprised of brothers Luke (bass), Levi (drums) and Adam Klute (guitars/vocals), the bandís self-produced and distributed album Find Yourself are characterized by adeptly executed, archetypal modern rock grounded by mature lyrics served up with professional polish by technically proficient production.

The strength of the 14 songs of Find Yourself are the brothersí obvious passion and determination to create songs that are substantive on both a spiritual and emotional level, as well as demonstrative of their love for rock music. Adamís vocals bring to mind Trainís Pat Monahan, while Luke & Levi reinforce his guitar work with a strong backbone of substantial, rhythmic beats. Mark my words, a label deal and nationally-distributed release from the brothersí Klute are just around the corner. Visit the bandís website at myspace or itunes to download the album.

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