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Posted May 18, 2010
By LauraCC,

It's been 3 years since FFH's last album, Worship in the Waiting (featuring the best rendition of "In Christ
Alone" I ever heard). Nobody foresaw Wide Open Spaces, least of all Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler. After
disbanding due to burnout, they spent a six month stint in South Africa unwinding from fame. Arriving in
the US with no clear direction, they faced 2 diagnoses: Jennifer with her 2nd pregnancy and Jeromy with
MS. The irony is that their long, hard road took them right back where they began; music. Except this time
it would be on their own terms. But a secondary pursuit need not be second-rate.

Wide Open Spaces flourishes in the fertile soil of lessons learned. So much so that the entire album
could be the soundtrack to a movie about their experiences. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to
God to lay down your life's work. From the vulnerability of surrender ("Undone" and "What If Your Best"), to
newfound humility ("I Don't Care Anymore"); from a praying, seeking heart ("Stop The Bleeding") to the
decision to stop following the popular crowd ("Who I'm Gonna Be"), FFH shows that there is merit in
letting the tea steep. In fact, the last song, "Jesus Give Me Rest" seems to tie it all together under this
banner. I can relate to this (what high school graduate has not been there?) even though I don't have a
job, post-secondary education, a house, a car, a marriage, or anything else that goes along with it.
However, I admit that I too have a need for affirmation; anybody who's been tagged in my lyrics on
Facebook knows this well! We are reminded that God does some of His best work in us when we slam
on the brakes.

There's a good reason why the genre of this album is "unclassifiable". Some songs have a pop feel
while others are deep and worshipful. "Wide Open Spaces" is FFH's "Home On The Range" and sounds
a little cowboyish :). In some places Jeromy and Jennifer's voices sound more nasal than others. But
there's no discounting the quality of the lyrics. Like this, from "What It Feels Like":

"So this is what it feels like to just fall apart / be totally unglued / out that if I accept my brokenness/ I get
more of me, I get all of You"

The message may be oft-heard; each word alone nothing special. But when you combine them like that?
Sheer poetry, and the reason I love music and writing lyrics so much.

Life is full of surprises. You can travel around the world to go next door and never see it coming. When
you get there, you know better to ask the taxi driver, "Hey, what's with the 40,008 km detour?" Even though
the trip took forever, the cab broke down a couple of hundred times, and you got hot, cold, thirsty and
weary, you're not thinking about that anymore. You saw the world, made new friends, and enjoyed the
ride. That's more than worth the hefty fee. But then you look at the fare counter, blink a couple of times,
and crack a grin the size of the Grand Canyon. It reads: $0.00. :D

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