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Teenage Fantasy About Whale Bones...
Posted April 03, 2010
By Jcorkum,

Ah, my second most anticipated album this year is by one of my favorite rock/alt acts Secret And Whisper.

What a great group of guys, even when you get them 4 times in a row on modern warfare 2 they still have a laugh about it, they love music so much it's evident just by talking to them.

Now onto the actual album, it starts off with Youth Cats, from the beginning you get a taste of the unique style you should expect for the rest of the album.

The highlights of this album are definitely: Whale Bones(fantastic track), Blush, Warrior (Southern Arrowwood) and Bedroom Galaxy.

They have an incredibly solid sound and the production is top notch, if you are expecting a worship album look elsewhere, these guys are all about their unique lyrics and generally write about things that stick out to them in life/experiences with people and places.

A great Rock/Alt album, fans of Anberlin will love these guys most likely, if you like Saosin you will be very likely to enjoy the style.

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