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epic beginning to an epic trilogy!
Posted March 29, 2010
By DrJ,

easily one of the greatest trilogies ever written, the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker is packed with adventure, action, a Tolkien-ish world and even a good bit of romance mixed in all over the place!
reminding me of Frank Peretti at times and Tolkien at others, this book has an amazing plot from start to "finish." since it's only the first part of three, it doesn't really "end" totally, but it is still an amazing ending even if it doesn't close up many loose ends. that's left for White, the final book in the trilogy.
the plot is unlike anything you've ever read! it took a mind as unique as Dekker's to think up a man living in two worlds at the same time with the fate of each in his hands. to not spoil anything, that's about as much as i'll say...
so read this trilogy. it's insanely amazing...


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