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Amazing Debut CD From An Amazing Band
Posted January 31, 2010
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Yes folks, this IS The Letter Black, before they were called The Letter Black. Their one and only CD as Breaking The Silence is something you won't see around too much, which is a shame, because it's actually quite good. And it really excites me for their future offerings.

Those who only know them from their debut EP as The Letter Black(titled Breaking The Silence, yes that will get confusing) will probably be surprised at how prominent Mark Anthony is on this album, prominent enough to accurately be considered co-lead singer with wife Sarah Anthony.

And it makes you wonder why they dropped that aspect, it's a nice combination. Mark's vocals are pretty rough, but this is rock music and lots of singers with such a voice have gone far in the industry. And it's ironic that Mark leads just about anything on the CD that can really be considered a ballad, which is interesting.

As for the songs, they are amazing, cathy, hard rock tunes. This band definitely surprised me with this album.

The album's title track is an intense rock tune and is probably the best known song from the CD. "Must Die" and "Overdose" are catchy hard rock tunes that will get stuck in your head and you'll find yourself singing them when you least expect it.

"You Are More" is a slower but very well done worship song and "Different Face" is a catchy track that begs for radio airplay.

"Break" is really the only track that I found didn't work. It's quite short(which may not be a bad thing if it is the weakest link here) and is easily forgettable with the other songs. Also, "Under God" is a good song but I am not sure it was the best choice to be the opener.

But aside from those small gripes, this album is incredible.

As for themes, this album is about as diverse and bold as they come. "Overdose" speaks of fillings life's voids with God instead of sex, drugs, and alcohol.(And The Letter Black doesn't try to make you guess what they're talking about either, they come right out and tell you.)

Until Death is a plea for sticking with marriage, whereas Under God speaks of how God is being thrown out of our country.

"Tonight" is without a doubt, the darkest song of the album, speaking from the point of view of a man about to commit suicide due to loneliness. The song is an intense emotional point that, while it may make some uncomfortable, fearlessly portrays how Jesus Christ is the only one that can help us.

IF you can track this CD down, get it. It's definitely worth buying. There's no doubt that The Letter Black is a band to keep your eye on. I hope their future albums can build on the awesomeness they've given us with "Stand."

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