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A great album, especially for one guy
Posted November 24, 2009
By djgreen,

I've always been a big fan of Christian rock, and listen to the radio frequently. Quite some time ago, I heard the song "Wake Me Up" by Number One Gun, a band I had never heard of, on a local Christian radio station. Althought the style was simplistic and the bridge was long and relatively boring, the chorus was catchy, passionate, and hit me hard with honest lyrics. I went home that night and looked into it. What I found was one of my new favorite bands.

First off, although Number One Gun used to be a full band, this album is put together by just one guy, an impressive feat by itself. After buying the cd and really diving into the material, I was very impressed by Jeff's ability to put real emotion into each song, and each one really moved me in some way. His vocals and lyrics are probably the album's best asset, one good example of this being the bridge of "Million." Although really just an average lighter rock song, "Million"'s bridge jumps out with Jeff singing "Happy, I just want to be happy with myself Tonight!" This honesty conveys how intense the song really is, and saves it from being a filler in the album.

After listening to the entire album, there are some complaints. "Million," "Wake Me Up," and "Find Your Escape," although all delitefully catchy, are really all a little towards the average side. The real standout rocker to me was "Thank You Ending." Its honest lyrics touch on the struggle in life, and how hard it is to live the way you truly want to inside, and how the battle between Heaven and Hell is constantly raging. The slower songs are all highlights, and Jeff's voice shines along with his creative, hope-inspring lyrics. "This Holiday" is a fun song that may appear to be just an popish ballad, but really has love-soaked lyrics and a deep message. It ends the album on a very high note of passion and almost worship, really a musical and lyrical high, and reflects the stellar lyrical content of the entire album and how much true desire seems to be integrated into the music, especially the vocals.

In the end, some minor complaints aside, this album is stellar, especially for just one guy to have to write, record, and produce the entire album. It Number One Gun ever puts out another album, I will certainly look forward to hearing more from a guy that puts so much effort and emotion into his work. With a little more creativity, Number One Gun could put out one of the best albums I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Thanks for your work, Jeff.

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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