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A stunning start to a great trilogy
Posted October 15, 2009
By fanforchrist2009,

Ted Dekker is an ever-better writer with new things from his vivid imagination coming forth into captivating novels. Black is no exception. It is a superb allegory, written as well as you could ask for and not letting up a bit. It all starts with Thomas Hunter, ending his midnight shift at the Java Hut. Walking down an alleyway, shots are firedÖat him! He desperately seeks his sister, Karaís apartment on the 3rd floor of a complex in the same city of Denver, Colorado. Here launches an overly real dream about a future earth where things unseen are seen. In the defiled Black Forest he wakes. He soon learns of the Shataiki, the Roush, Elyon, the Black and colored forests and the fact that he apparently suffers memory loss. There are captivating cliffhangers at the turn of every page and the battle for good rages on in the captivating 400+ page novel. It is told allegorically, and in a way that the message comes across quite clearly. And in the other world, the Raison Strain presents a major crisis. Itís a dramatic race against time in both confusing worlds, told so eloquently and in such wonder, that the novel should delight readers for centuries to come. Itís not one for the very young, as it contains gruesome violence and harsh cruelty, but Dekker always amazes me. This is a book for the adult Christian and every fantasy reader out there. Black: The Birth of Evil. Excellent!

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