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Posted September 30, 2009
By swdudel,

Hawk Nelson has become a staple for many across the Christian music scene. From their stellar debut of Letters to President to their latest release Live Life Loud Hawk Nelson pushes the limits of their artistic capabilities. Live Life Loud is definitely a change for the band as this will be their first full album the band has written by themselves.

The title song, “Live Life Loud” is certainly one of Hawk Nelson’s best songs. This song could certainly serve as the anthem for the Rebelution’s “Do Hard Things Tour”. I give this song points for its lyrics and its innovativeness.

“Never Enough” is a song in true Hawk Nelson fashion. In specific parts of the song, Dunn seems to get in a rap. But under the fluffy surface, Hawk Nelson says how everything that we do is never enough to satisfy us, and that only God can satisfy us. This song sounds strikingly similar to the make up of “Let’s Dance”. A good song, but it looses points on lack of creativity.

“Eggshells” is certainly new for Hawk Nelson. Its highlight includes a guest appearance by TobyMac. The meaning of “Eggshells” talks about how a relationship feels “like I’m walking on eggshells.” It has an earnest plea to save the relationship and to start anew. The only downer on this song is the music doesn’t do the lyrics justice. But overall, it’s a good song.

“Meaning of Life” calls for us to “find a way, to make a change in the lives of all of us who need to find the meaning of life”. It’s an earnest call for us as Christians to go out and show others the “meaning of life.”

“Alive” talks about how we feel alive in Christ. The lyrics for this song are really good; however, the music arrangement combined with the way the song is sung makes a mediocre song.

“Ode To Lord Stanley” is simply Hawk Nelson having a fun time. No meaning to the song whatsoever, just a bunch of guys goofing around.

“Long Ago” is a ballad about missing an old love. To start off, I’m going to have to have a grammar police moment. The third line states when we didn't have no worries. Please, don’t use double negatives in a song! XP Overall, there isn’t anything new about this song. After all, it’s only been done a few thousand times.

“The Job” is a song that overly repetitive and gets old extremely fast. The lyrics explain this song pretty well: So I wrote this song to try to pass the time.

Of all the slow songs this one hit home with me. “Shaken” is about how even the most painful situations can be used by God for good. It tells how "I’ve been shaken/ from my head, on down to my toes/ Lord use me, take me where you want me to go/ I can't help it, my heart has been replaced with a face/I'm ready, these hands are dedicated to change." The lyrics say it all.

“Lest We Forget” asks that “we never forget.” Most likely, this song is asking for the person to never forget the times we had together. A good song, but pretty much every single artist has released a similar song. Nothing new artistically, but still a good song.

“‘Tis So Sweet” is a heartfelt rendition of the classic hymn. Though this song features a drastic change in the arrangement of the music, the song’s message still rings true. This is a song worth getting! Enough said.

“The Final Toast” is a sad song that is truly a “last toast” to those who have passed away and will be forever missed. This song is a good ending to a good song.

Overall, Live Life Loud is a solid record for a band with a proven track record. This album scores high in lyrics and innovativeness in some areas, but in others it falls in its refinement. So I give this record a 3.5 out of 5. One reason for this is the noticeable absence of Trevor McNevan(front man of Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static) in the song writing process. As stated earlier, this is the first album that was entirely written by the band. This is both good and bad. On the bad side, the quality of the music has dropped in some areas, but on the good side, we can see the real Hawk Nelson.

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