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The Peak of Christian Music
Posted August 18, 2009
By game_maniac05,

Relient K is the most predominant Christian Bands out there. Having hit singles like "Devastation And Reform", "Must Have Done Something Right" and many more have peaked in the secular Billboard Charts. Relient K proves that Christian Music doesn't necessarily need to have the words "God" or "Jesus" in the lyrics to be a hit Christian song.

Relient K's 4th full length album, "mmhmm" may just yet be one of the best album that Relient K has put out yet. You may be asking "isn't that a very bold statement considering Relient K has put out some awesome albums?" Well after giving this album a listen alongside all of the other Relient K albums, in my opinion this is the most refined work that Relient K has put out.

"mmhmm" shows how much Relinet K has matured as a band losing some of their punk flavour and heading towards a Pop/Rock sound. Long time Relient K fans won't be disappointed by this sound change because it suits Relient K very well.

Starting the album with "The One I'm Waiting For" you can tell the boys, from Canton, Ohio, are no amateurs. The arrangement of the song flows so smoothly that some may not realize the song changes tempo from the verses to the chorus. Even the lyrics have developed, "I'm still waiting for/You to be the one I'm waiting for". You can tell that Relient K has come a long way since the 6 years the band formed.

Probably the biggest hit from "mmhmm", the second song "Be My Escape" will have you pressing repeat for just that song. The catchy lyrics, and guitar riffs blended with Thiessen's skillful piano playing just makes the song.

Songs like "High of 75", "My Girl's Ex-boyfriend", and "More Than Useless" prove just how skillful Relient K is at writing lyrics that are both witty and relate-able to the listener.

As I said previously, Relient K proves that Christian songs don't necessarily have to have the words "God", "Jesus" or the like to be considered a Christian song. Well the songs "I So Hate Consequences", "Let It All Out" and "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" prove just how modern their sound is while still maintaining a spiritual aspect to the lyrics. "I So Hate Consequences" is a cry out that when we sin we hide from God because the consequences are hard to deal with. Even though we hate the consequences that come after we need forgiveness, we need to only seek it from the Lord.

Some may argue that Relient K possibly can't top their previous album, "Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do" and that "mmhmm" shows little growth from the band. But in my opinion, where Relient K missed in "Two Lefts..." "mmhmm" hits it out of the park.

Guaranteed this is an album worth buying. It might even be safer to buy two copies because your first one will be worn out from the amount of replay you'll use on this album.

I give this album a big 4 1/2 stars out of 5 because of the refined sound that Relient K has developed that can appeal to both the secular and Christian music community. As with every band improvement can be made but this is as near as perfection will come from any band. With their haunting 3 part harmonies, witty lyrics, skillful instrument combination and the odd percussion instrument included, Relient K has made an amazing album that will appeal to many fans and new listeners of Relient K.

Highlights: "Be My Escape", "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been", "Which To Bury, Us or the Hatchet", "I So Hate Consequences", "Life After Death And Taxes (Failure II)".

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