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Completely amazing!!!
Posted July 12, 2009
By RKFan4Ever,

This is by far one of the best CDs ever written. I wasn't sure if they could keep up the pace after MmHmm, but they certainly did! The album opens with an acapella intro called Plead the Fifth. Going straight into an upbeat track called, "Come Right Out and Say It". The next track (one of my personal favorites), "I Need You" has heavy guitar riffs, catchy vocals, and meaningful lyrics. Throughout the album there is other great tracks such as "The Best Thing", their chart-topping single "Must Have Done Something Right", as well as a rock ballad called "Forgiven". The album wraps up with an upbeat track "Up and Up" and their 11-minute song "Deathbed". Meaningful, uplifting lyrics, creative instrumentation,strong vocals and more can be found on this fantastic album!

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