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Your Love Will Find Me (Single) by Mark Your Love Will Find Me (Single) by Mark
What You Need To Know:
After the end of longtime southern rock and worship group Third Day, founding member...
Heaven on Earth Part 2 EP by Planetshakers Heaven on Earth Part 2 EP by Planetshakers
What You Need to Know:
Stir A Passion by Worship Central Stir A Passion by Worship Central
What You Need to Know:
Hailing from London, Worship Central...

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Mark Lee Finds A New Style | Posted June-28-2019
What You Need To Know:

After the end of longtime southern rock and worship group Third Day, founding member and guitarist Mark Lee is still going strong. Following the release of his book Hurt Road, fans were treated to the successfully crowd funded Unshakeable Heart EP. Mark is now ready to release more new music, starting with his newest single "Your Love Will Find Me".

What it Sounds Like:

Unlike Mark's previous EP which showcased a folk rock/acoustic sound similar to some of Third Day's older work, "Your Love Will Find Me" stands out with it's pop/contemporary influence alongside Mark's vocals in a way we haven't heard before.

Spiritual Highlights:

Just as God loves us without limit, His loves continues to fight for us without restraint. No matter where we once were, His love has never stopped pulling us out. Even in whatever struggle we may be facing, His love will always find us and never let us go. This theme shows perfectly well through the upbeat single.

For Fans Of:

Matthew West, MercyMe, Brandon Heath, Jonny Diaz

Final Word:

Mark Lee's new song is sure to be a surprising treat for longtime fans and a summer jam for new ones, with a message and sound that is sure to be a hit among radio and fans alike.

Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Electric Anthemic Praise | Posted July-12-2018
What You Need to Know:

Planetshakers are on a mission of "empowering generations to win generations" with songs of anthemic and electric praise. With several albums and hits under their belt such as "The Anthem," "Endless Praise" and "Nothing Is Impossible," Planetshakers continue to deliver rising songs of worship to the next generation. Following up their spring release "Heaven on Earth Part 1," Planetshakers are back with their latest electrifying release, "Heaven on Earth Part 2 ."

What It Sounds Like:

Like the last EP, "Heaven on Earth Part 2 " contains two high energy songs of life, packed with EDM infused worship and crowd chants that will have you singing and dancing along in praise, alongside two songs of devoted worship and surrender to our King.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

The central message of this EP is devoted to praise to Him. From "Move Out of My Way" to "Draw Close Again " the EP immerses the listener in thepresencee of God and a longing for more of Him. As Planetshakers once again shows, any style of music can be used to lift a higher and greater praise to Jesus.

Best Song on the Record:

"Move Out of My Way," with its dance-to beat and message of fully giving praise and glory to Jesus is a song not to miss. On the slower side, "Draw Close Again" is a standout track for its exceptional lines of sincere worship and movement of the presence of God.

For Fans Of:

Hillsong Young & Free, Elevation Youth, Passion

Final Word:

"Heaven On Earth Part 2 " is an excellent EP of praise & worship that will be on repeat in your home and in your soul.

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Stirring A Revived Passion | Posted June-28-2018
What You Need to Know:

Hailing from London, Worship Central is a worship band with a passion for true Spirit-led worship. With their latest project, Stir A Passion, they give us 12 beautifully written and sung songs of praise and glory to our Savior Jesus.

What it Sounds Like:

Stir A Passion is full of songs that lift renewed and dedicated songs of praise. From start to finish, the anointing can be heard on these spiritually rich choruses. Songs like "Stir A Passion" and "O Lord We Seek Your Face" are heart cries for God that make us fully more like and completed in Him. "All For Love (Gethsemane)," "Waves," and "Praise The Lord (Evermore)" are strongly lead, sincere songs of praise that give glory to our victorious God. Songs "Pray" and "Never Give Up" build up victorious praise that you can't help but move and dance to.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

The songs on Stir A Passion glorify God for all that He has done and how He has made us. The song "Jesus (Spontaneous)" stands out for its simple but yet overwhelming praise that fills us with joy and life. 

Best Song on the Record:

"All For Love (Gethsemane)" and "Praise The Lord (Evermore)" are standout tracks on this release.

For Fans of:

Jesus Culture, Hillsong Worship, Mosaic MSC

Final Word:

Worship Central's new album is one to listen to. Filled with songs of praise and worship that don't depend on music to deliver the message. Stir A Passion captures real praise in revival when we let God move in us and amplify who He is to the world. This album is one that will hopefully stir a passion for revival and awakened praise in all who listen. 


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Songs of a Fearless Surrender | Posted June-13-2018
What You Need To Know:

Though she's young, Jasmine Murray is no stranger to the spotlight. She was a finalist on the eighth season of American Idol and won Miss Mississippi, coming in Top 10 Miss America. Jasmine has now released her self-titled EP and followed that up with her debut pop album, Fearless, with an inspiring message of hope and surrender to Jesus.

What it Sounds Like:

Fearless contiunes her new singture song of pop praise with a small dose of worship and gospel mixed in. Her powerhouse vocals help carry songs like "No Other Love" and "Closer" into upbeat pop/EDM vibes, and songs like "Into Words" and "Rest of My Life" into moments of worshipful surrender.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

The entire album is focused on fearlessness in Jesus and total surrender to Him. These songs shine a message of living alive in Jesus ("Fearless," "Every Step"), and also hold a call to surrender while giving God full control of our lives to shine for Him and give Him glory ("Control," "Vapor").

Best Song on the Record:

"Closer" is a great song with a fun pop beat that speaks of seeking to know God more.

For Fans Of:

Mandisa, Love & The Outcome, Britt NicoleDanny Gokey

Final Word:

Jasmine Murray's album is full of inspiring songs that point to Jesus and encourage us to keep trusting God through every step we take because He holds us through it all. Fearless is an album that will connect with listeners and hopefully lead them to awaken to the fullness that God has in store for us.

Find it on iTunes

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A Breath of Fresh Pop/Worship | Posted May-23-2018
Worship music and pop music, it seems as something that would of been put together over and over but finding it is harder then you think. There's great Christian pop music and worship music but finding them genuinely together is tricky. However, Sarah Reeves hit the mark! Sarah Reeves first became known with her debut project "Sweet Sweet Sound" and since then has released and covered amazing worship songs. In 2016, she signed with Word Records and joined the Winter Jam Pre-Jam of 2017, as fans anticipated what was next. Sarah Reeves is now back with a outstanding project that blends worship and pop perfectly with her amazing vocals that tie it together. "Easy Never Needed You" is definitely one of the best projects of 2018 so far with a strong message of God's goodness and His hand over us through whatever may happen.


The EP starts strong with victorious pop anthem "Right Where You Want Me". A standout song and my personal favorite off the EP, this song declares the victory, hope, and life we have in Jesus no matter what we may be facing. Next up is newly added radio single, "Details". "Details" perfectly mixes modern pop with lyrics praising God for who He's made us and what He's doing, He's in the details. Heading into a moment of worship, "Faithful" is a beautiful song of praise and worship that came from a place of brokenness that God healed between Sarah Reeves and her husband. Whatever we may be going through, God is faithful, He never fails. In trial or triumph, He is faithful.

A different song from Sarah Reeves worship/pop style, "Feel The Waters" is a love song between her and her husband. Normally, I don't like love songs due to being a child of God, I want everything I do and say to point to Him and glorify Him. Love songs normally put the focus on a girl or guy as there hope and strength when God is the only hope and strength. However, "Feel The Waters" is a love song that's based on brokenness being overcome with restored love that remains. A part of the chorus is even inspired on a verse in the Bible. "Feel The Waters", though being a love songs, comes out as one of the best love songs between a girl and guy I've heard. Being a single guy, I normally skip this song but it is a good song for couples that doesn't take away the focus of the EP, God is always faithful.

Bringing the energy back up is pop/EDM song "Something About You", one if my personal favorites off the EP. "Something About You" is a song of joy and wonder of all that God does in our lives, in His way for His plan GREATER then what we could every imagine. Previously released and first song from Sarah Reeves after joining Word Records comes "Nowhere". A song of worship with a bit of pop, "Nowhere" is a great song of praise that God's always there and always makes a way. This song has been speaking to me a lot in the place I'm in, God has called us all for more and there's nowhere we could go to escape, has His love and our heart collide. Ending the EP comes a very raw and honest song of worship, "Speechless". This song closes the EP in awe and lost for words at who God is, how much He loves us, and all that He has done. When you stop and think about it, no song can fully capture the love, beauty, and light that God is. "Revelation Song", "How Great Is Our God", "What A Beautiful Name", no song can ever capture all who God us. It truly leaves us speechless...


Sarah Reeves EP "Easy Never Needed You" is a amazing EP. With songs to dance to and worship to, her EP is filled with a breath of fresh air for the Christian music world. In every struggle that might come, we need to use our praises to God and stand strong upon His promises. He never fails and always is there to save us from whatever we may face. If your a fan of pop/worship with a positive message, then I highly recommend this EP. A unique sound, a needed message, and a amazing voice hold this EP together has one of the strongest releases of 2018 so far. Keep a watch on Sarah Reeves's full length album coming soon as well. From this EP and her previous projects, Sarah Reeves has became one of my favorite artists and I hope you guys check out her music and support what she's doing!

Keep marching on, awakened in His light and revival!

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The EP of 2017 | Posted January-25-2018
When God calls us to go, we need to step out in all our faith and trust Him. As one of the founding members of the Christian girls group, The Rubyz, Alexis Slifer felt God calling her to something more. Trusting in God, she stepped away from The Rubyz to start a solo career. With a hint of her new stuff coming from Genesis EP, we knew that as a artist she was maturing and finding her footing in the Christian music world. After years of waiting, she released her debut solo EP, Famous For, November 3rd with BEMA media. Famous For is a work of art displaying her Worship/Pop sound with a amazing voice and strong lyrics about trusting God in whatever and whenever were going through.


The EP starts strong with victorious worship song, "Eagles". "Eagles" is a call to God for Him to lift us up over ever problem we'll face and trusting that He is Sovereign over it all. Sometimes when we can't see past the problems we face, we need to stop trying to see past them and let God lift us above them. Next up is "Only One In The Room", a worship/slow pop sounding track that's a call for God to remove the things in us that are not of Him and for Him to take control. Filled with strong lyrics of a longing for God and for Him to take control, along with Alexis Slifer's vocals make it a amazing song. Bringing up the energy, "Fill You Up" is a pop/worship song that gives hope that no matter how down on empty we fill, He will fill us up with hope, joy, life and a fire for Him.

Stepping up energy to a pop/EDM worship song comes "Wonder". "Wonder" is a song of joy and awe at how God loves us and truly cares for us. This song is a dance too track and might even remind listeners of The Rubyz in style. Title track and previously released single, "Famous For" comes off as one of my favorite worship songs. With a bold anthem and a victorious chorus that God will do what He is famous for through whatever life throws at us, this song is one of the best off the EP. Last but my favorite off the EP is "Wildfire". A song of passion to our God and declaring the fire burning within us to forever glorify His name, this song is awesome! Its pop/worship sound and Alexis's vocals add to this amazing track as a song that wraps us the EP with a clear message living wholeheartedly for Jesus.


Famous For is Alexis Slifer's debut project filled with a strong pop/worship sound with even stronger lyrics that are bold prayers and praises. The EP keeps the worship sound while balancing the pop with it, and keeps the pop sound without drowning it in worship. This EP is a perfect balance musically between my favorite combination, pop/worship. For a debut EP this is a amazing and strong start. The lyrics point to trusting God trough whatever we face while also filled with praises declaring how much He loves us and is burning within us. Famous For is without a doubt the EP of 2017 and one of the best musically projects to release in 2017. I highly recommend this if you enjoy worship/pop with strong lyrics giving praise to the One True God


I hope you all enjoy this EP and don't let my review be your own. Give this EP a listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Stay Strong this 2018, God Bless

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Jam Packed Energy | Posted July-26-2017
Thousand Foot Krutch(TFK) is one of the most successful Christian rock bands with several 1# hits and top selling albums. So its no surprise that TFK found there self's in Winter Jam, the most popular tour in America. After going independent, TFK have continue the light up the Christian rock and mainstream rock world with hits like War of Change, Courtesy Call, Untraveled Road, Lifeline and many more. TFK continue to thank there fans for all their support through the years and give all glory back to the one true King. TFK gave there fans a free EP to again thank there fans for where they are today. The EP titled "Winter Jam EP" features three tracks, "Push" from there latest release Exhale, a remix of Untraveled Road from Oxygen:Inhale, and a acoustic version of Let The Sparks Fly from The End Is Where We Begin.

The EP kicks off with "Push" from there recent release Exhale. "Push" continues the theme of Untraveled Road(from Oxygen:Inhale) with a message too keep walking and too never back down. What people say and do is going to hurt us but they don't know the fighters that we are inside. We need to be the change in this world and let nothing stand in our way. "Untraveled Road(PHENOMENON Remix)" gets a dance/EDM beat on and comes out as a epic remix. The message of being the change turned from a positive rock anthem to a positive dance anthem, TFK outdo there selves so many times. Ending the EP "Let The Sparks Fly(Acoustic Version)" is about trying to lead someone into the light of Christ. The acoustic sound and Trevor's vocals make this a epic close.


This was an awesome EP. With "Push" and "Untraveled Road(PHENOMENON Remix) it captures the message for us to stand out and be the change and to let nothing stop us. "Let The Sparks Fly(Acoustic Version) talks about leading somebody into the light. When people see us being the change in the world, they know there's something we have that they want and that's the light of Christ we have. TFK gave us two nice twists to some of there best songs for free along with another awesome one "Push". TFK gave us a awesome EP even though there's only three songs and there's no new songs, its free so how can you argue? However you see this EP, its pretty awesome and contains some awesome tracks. Download it for FREE at TFK's NoiseTrade page if you want to give it a listen. God Bless :)

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Unstoppable Anthems Of Christ | Posted July-19-2017
Singing mainstream metal and Christian pop, who's heard of that? 
Matty Mullins, singer/songwriter of mainstream metal band Memphis May Fire, did just that. Having grown up on Christian music since a kid and still listening to it, its no surprise that Memphis May Fire's lyrics do hold a Christian approach. Memphis May Fire's lyrics are a light to the metal scene but with strong and outspoken faith like Matty Mullins there's a lot more you can do. Matty Mullins came out with his first solo Christian pop album in 2014 (which is one of my favorite album's) and is back taking it a big step up.


The album starts off with "Say It All" a pop/electro track with a strong message that actions speak louder then words. The track shows the importance of listening to others and changing the world by our actions, other then our words. "I Choose You" slows down the dance beat we had from last track into a contemporary beat. The message is about instead of living how we feel, to choose Jesus everyday so we can live free. The first released track off the record (and my favorite) "Unstoppable(feat. Jordan Feliz)" shines a light into a broken world that His light still shines and nothing can stop His love, which is the answer to all our problems.

"Go The Distance" slows down the dance but continues in a pop song that gives glory to Him, who died for us even though we are full of sin, who left everything behind for us, who cares about us, who hears us, and answers us every time. His love will go on and on to reach us and too write us back into His story. "Brand New Fire" throws back on the electro and pop/dance beat we had at the first track. "Brand New Fire" is a rejoicing song of when He saves us with a new fire for Him, a fire that restores us and makes us feel alive. "Christ Be Magnified" is a pop/worship song were there's nothing to sing but praises and glory to Jesus Christ, the risen One who sets us free!

Back into the dance/pop sound, "The Great Unknown" is about breaking away from the world and letting Him lead us. Sometimes He's leading us where waters seem to deep but that's where He changes us into who He's called us to be. God wants us to know Him more just like we want to know Him more but we need to be ready to leave this world behind to follow Him and for Him to take us where we can grow to Him. This song has helped me this year to let Him take me deeper then I've ever known and has become one of my favorites of the album. "The Best Is Yet To Come" is the only song not wrote by Matty Mullins on the album but comes out has a highlight track. A contemporary/pop track with a bold message that no matter how good things get in life, for us who believe, Jesus is yet to come! Has the lyrics say: "one day You will right all wrong, and every nation, tribe, and tongue, join has one, sing Your song, the best is yet to come"!

"You Can" to me is part two of "The Great Unknown" in wondering 'why am I here in the unknown'? Sometimes going into the unknown can have challenges and mountains that seem impossible to move. There's not a single mountain however that's impossible for Him, for we are weak but He is strong so we don't have to fear anything. Closing the album is a pure and honest worship song, "Until I Need You". This song, co-wrote by Matthew West, is a prayer for letting God take away everything of this world until we known we need Him. The world is full of useless things that keep us away from God and His plan for us. We need to be able to let them go, we need to always remember Christ is the only solid ground, we need to know He is the only one that can truly satisfy us. Like the lyrics say: "there's a kingdom come that waits for me, so I lay my treasures at Your feet, let nothing ever come between, the kingdom come that waits for me".


This album was the best album I've ever heard. A true, unashamed, powerful, fun, Christian pop album with a message that inspires and gives the hope of Christ. Matty Mullins took it to a whole new level since his last solo album with a more pop and unashamed approach but still having the same positive message. Several of the tracks have become my favorite songs and others have greatly ministered to me. All and all this is a five star rating that I wish I could rate and support even more. God Bless :)

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Coming Alive In The Soul | Posted March-21-2017

Root Road is a name you might not be familiar with but they are a name that is worth checking out. Root Road consist of brothers John, Anthony, and Nathanael from northeastern Ohio transplanted to Nashville, TN to pursue music. Root Road have been in Christian Pop/Rock and Soul music since 2005 with the release of Masterpiece. Root Road released another abum in 2008, I Am Here, keeping there Pop/Rock and Soul mix while also including a Contemporary sound that you can imagine playing on CCM Radio. In 2008 Root Road also experienced a big change when moving to Nashville. This left them with the question of whether to contiuning music or not. After 40 days of fasting and praying, the answer was to continue. Ater that, God began pouring songs into Nathanael about new themes that took Root Road on a new trip in the Christian Music world. In there new album Come Alive, Root Road have took it up a notice in music, lyrics, and postive messages making there best work yet, with the help of Grammy and Dove Award nominee Roger Ryan, there's nothing stopping Root Road from coming alive in there new album.

The album starts with "I Believe I'm Free" a upbeat pop songs that starts the album off in a groovy way. This song gives the message of being free in Jesus and not of this world. "Smooth Sailing" is more of a laid back song with a relaxing sound. Although this track is relaxed its very repetitive with only the words in thr chours "smooth sailing". Bringing the pace back up, "Forbidden Love" is a track you can dance to. Its about knowing our idea for love is not always what God wants and we should ask and listen to Him before we make our move. "It's Been Awhile" is a track where God's talking to someone seemingly without hope and telling them to smile so joy can take over there sadness.

Bringing the energy back up we come to "Come Alive", a previously released single and one of my favorites. This is a danceable song about how God's love for us makes us come alive. "Parallel Lines" slows it down again and give the message of two people with differnt points of view going differnt ways in hope to maybe see each other agian in the future. One of the most upbeat tracks on the album, "Weak Days" is a victory song that the weak days and sorrow won't last forever and thanking God through them. Even though its a danceable track, it challenges us to thank God even through the bad times cause they won't last forever. Wrapping up the album, "Thats The Way" is a track of worship to God and how much He loves us. This track is another one of favorites and one of the most heartful tracks on the album thats closes the album in a very peaceful way.


Root Road no doubt pulled off there best album yet with the strongest message every heard in there music. With only eight tracks, the album can seem shorter then others but I think it went nice and smoothly. The album went off with upbeat, slow, upbeat, slow and so one which balances the album for every different listener. Root Road is a band to watch for this year with music and shows. Root Road have energy and heart whether you listen to their albums or watch them preform live. They do as well as all the big names out there.


I believe music can speak to people no matter what there going through. Give this album a listen cause my review isn't your review. Root Road are still learning but they're not new to the music world either. This album was great and I recommend you take a listen. God Bless

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A One-Way Winner | Posted February-15-2017
Hollyn made waves in the Christian music world with her EP featuring the hit single "Alone (feat. TRU)" . Hollyn had something to give to Christian Music but a EP is only a taste of what she had to offer. She finally released her debut album "One-Way Conversations" with Gotee Records, working with producers Bryan Fowler (Ryan Stevenson), Wit and 42 North (Andy Mineo), Cole Walowac of Capital Kings, Eric Ramey (Britt Nicole) and more. Her debut album was co-writen by tobyMac, Cole Walowac, herself and more to make an outstanding album that proves once again, Christian Music isn't boring.

The album opens with "Can't Live Without", a EDM sounding track thats a talk (a one-way conversation) between Hollyn and God where she stats "I can't live without Your love". Next up is a favorite of mine "Love With Your Life", a catchy, upbeat, pop song thats a standout on the album and proves that Hollyn is going places. This song is about showing love with more then just our words. We can say all we want but showing love is the best way to change the world. Next up "Obvious" keeps the EDM sound, is a turn around from "Can't Live Without" with God talking to us saying that He can help us through all our pain if we let our walls fall down. "All My Love" is a love song between a girl and a boy about pouring out all there love for each other for a true love. Taking is into a worship spin "In Awe" is a worship song to God about how He loves us even though He doesn't need us, He died for us. When you stop to think about it... you can't help but be in awe about Him.

Starting up again to the energy, "Party In The Hills (feat. Steven Malcolm & Andy Mineo)" is a song that... you guessed it, party. Hollyn teams up with Christian rappers Andy Mineo and newcomer Steven Malcolm to get the fast paced track rolling. This track was done by Steven Malcolm to be on his debut album coming out later this year but also ending up on Hollyn's. Christian Music is full of surprises. This song is a good dance to song but doesn't any meaning. If your not a fan of hip-hop, this track probably won't make your favorite list anytime soon. Slowing down the energy again is a beautiful song called "Lovely", in this song Hollyn sings about how the worlds standers for beauty is nothing compared to how He sees us, lovely. This song is one of the high points of the album but surpried me hearing the word "sexy" which could not be the word some people want to hear (even though it wasn't used in a bad way).

The energy picks up again with this pop styled song "Go (feat. tobyMac & Diverse City)". This song is slighty more edgy but still comes out as a great song. This song is about escaping a relationship thats pulling you away from God. Choose you boyfriends and girlfriends wisely. TobyMac & Diverse City bring the backup vocals but doen't have much time to shine by there own. However this song is still a good one to be noted as one of TobyMac's best team-ups . Giving a different sound then the rest of the album, "Waiting For" is a song about knowing that your special somebody isn't everything and theres alot for to be waiting for in life. This track really didn't stand out that much to me to much but theres a song for everyone so try it out.

Has a guy I knew I wasn't going like this track and was right. "Girl" is a song that... confused me. Its a good team up with Tree Giants but the meaning behide this song is questionable and I think thats somewhat the purpose. The song is the rawest and realest song on the album. Showing us the struggle that girls and guys go through in life. When we relise that were not in control of life, the stress and pressure is relased from us. Putting us back in EDM, Hollyn shines one last time with "Love With Your Life (Capital Kings Remix)" leaving a reminder to show the love of Christ with our actions so may see a change.


For her first album Hollyn steped it up from her EP with a unique music approach and lyrics that are real and true. This album shows us life and who she she is, a young girl, going through life while keeping her fire for Christ alive. With this album Hollyn has shown us her message and heart behide her music. I've seen Hollyn live twice and each time she's gotten better and really shows a postive message of the hope of Christ. With only one album this is only a taste of whats to come with Hollyn. If you love music that's postive with a style that your mainstream friends will listen to, I think you better give Hollyn's album a chance and see how you like it.

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