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Doctrine For Difficult Days: Important Theology Made Simple,  by J. Vernon McGee Doctrine For Difficult Days: Important Theology Made Simple
by J. Vernon McGee | Genre: Christian Living
Do you desire a greater understanding of the Word of God? Do you want your life to reflect that greater understanding? Then this comprehensive easy-to-use guide will help you explore biblical doctrine and explain complex theology in everyday language. ...
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In This Sign Conquer,  by Irene Brand In This Sign Conquer
by Irene Brand | Genre: Christian Living
One faith, two brothers, three choices: the power of love, the power of Rome, or the power of Christ?
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Larry Burkett's Little Instruction Book on Managing Your Money,  by Larry Burkett Larry Burkett's Little Instruction Book on Managing Your Money
by Larry Burkett | Genre: Finance
Finally, you can make sense of dollars. On every page of this asset-builder, you'll discover bite-sized, scripture-based, practical guidance on all your most important money issues.
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Mandie and the Courtroom Battle,  by Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie and the Courtroom Battle
by Lois Gladys Leppard | Genre: Childrens Books
Etta Shaw, Mandie's stepmother, has been the source of unending problems for Mandie. And when Etta comes to town to file papers she claims are a will that Mandie's father made giving her the house at Charley Gap, it appears that a courtroom battle is ...
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Midnight Rescue, Riverboat Adventures Vol. 3 by Lois Walfrid Johnson Midnight Rescue
by Lois Walfrid Johnson | Genre: Teens
Proud and determined, Libby thinks she can do whatever she sets out to do. Instead, runaway horses, an escaped convict, and a broken log raft get in the way. As Jordan makes plans to rescue his mother, sisters, and brother from slavery, Libby gives away ...
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Patricia,  by Grace Livingston Hill Patricia
by Grace Livingston Hill | Genre: Fiction
Tells the story of Patricia, from grade school through young womanhood, as she tries to find herself and her place in life. Her mother and social circle push her in directions she does not wish to go and she at first resists without knowing why, but after ...
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Safe People, How to Find Relationships That Are Good for You and Avoid Those That Aren't by Henry Cloud Safe People
by Henry Cloud | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
Do your "people connections" lift you up or drag you down? If you often make "wrong" choices in love, work, or friendships, you can learn to find people who are good for you! Cloud and Townsend identify traits of untrustworthy people, offer practical ...
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The Deception,  by Joan Wolf The Deception
by Joan Wolf | Genre: Fiction
What with the resurgence of interest in Jane Austen, Regency romances are enjoying a renewed popularity. Veteran novelist Wolf (best known for her prehistoric The Reindeer Hunters), turns in her own delightful addition, one that combines sensuality and ...
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Ulterior Motives (Sun Coast Chronicles Series #3),  by Terri Blackstock Ulterior Motives (Sun Coast Chronicles Series #3)
by Terri Blackstock | Genre: Fiction
The police think he killed someone. He swears he's innocent. All she knows for certain is his crime against her. Louis Dubose, international art dealer, has been murdered. The police are certain they've got their man. Recently fired by Dubose, Ben Robinson ...
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