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Beacon Light Releases "Color Blind" Music Video About Racism
Video strives to encourage people to do something about racial issues

Beacon Light Releases

Posted: March 02, 2016, 5:00 PM | Category: New Releases
Artist Tags: Beacon Light
Source: Infinity Music Group

From Donald Trump not immediately disavowing his allegiance to the KKK, to Chris Rock's opening monologue at the Oscars, racism has continued to be a dividing issue in the United States. Unfortunately, the church reflects many of the same racial tensions our country has struggled with since its beginning. Beacon Light is an artist who is passionate about bringing healing to these tensions. 

"Over 90% of Christian Churches in America are mono-ethnic," says Beacon Light. "That means only one ethnicity is largely represented in each congregation. That really disturbs me considering that as Christians we should be the most diverse and unified group there is." In pursuit to bring some reconciliation to the topic of racism, Beacon Light recorded a song called Color Blind and released a music video

"Obviously I know that one song or video isn't going to magically fix racism," says Beacon. "I just hope that Color Blind is able to encourage some people to look at the racial issues we face and actually do something about it. If it does that, I'll be happy with the results." 

Beacon Light was raised in an ethnically diverse neighborhood and is now a part of a diverse church called The Edge Urban Fellowship in Grand Rapids, MI. "I grew up surrounded with diversity," Beacon states. "It hurts to see the division in the 'United States' (oxymoron I know), but it especially hurts to see that same division in the church."

During the riots in Ferguson, MO in 2014, Beacon had a pivotal conversation with his Pastor Troy Evans.  "My pastor and I were talking about the riots and he made a point that really shaped my perspective on healing racism," Beacon mentions. "He said that relationship fixes everything. If the church intentionally pursued diverse relationships with one another, we could talk about any issue without being divided. I saw his point unfold as we talked about Ferguson together. We were able to talk about such a serious matter without being offended; simply because of our love for one another as fellow Christians."

"I hope Color Blind will encourage people to seek God about this issue in the church, as well as the country. Hopefully we can build multi-cultural relationships with one another that are founded on unity and love. Only then can we begin to discuss some of these issues with clarity."


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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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