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    The world teaches us that externals will make us happy: if you are thin enough, have enough money, drive a fancy car, and have a big house. Well, that is a lie.

    Ann Kiemel Anderson has written multiple best-selling books, always been thin, graduated from college with honors, trained and ran many marathons from Israel to Cape Cod and qualified for three Boston Marathons - the most elite marathon in the world. She states, “Ive traveled, made a lot of money, and NONE of this made me enough. I was insatiable.”

    At 35, Ann married Will Anderson: handsome, and in some ways, bigger than life. But marriage was hard, and she kept having miscarriages. Her world was beginning to crumble.

    God miraculously gave them four beautiful baby boys and four lovely birth moms, who each chose them to be the parents. They were in the delivery room for each birth. These four young women became fast friends. Four babies who became brothers… God knows how to do it best.

    “In the midst of all this beauty, I developed massive infections in my abdomen from the miscarriages. I became addicted to pain pills for my physical pain and to numb the inadequacy inside. I became enslaved. I had a secret.

    Ten years ago, longing for deliverance, I walked into a secular, detox center, and spent 25 days in hell. No one can know how sweet freedom is unless one has been enslaved. I began to get the picture. I had been addicted to performance and praise long before pain pills. I longed for people to love me. I was so needy.”

    God did for her what she could not do for herself. And when He healed her, her core became whole: quiet, clean and redeemed.

    Her husband Will was diagnosed with cancer, and died in November 27, 2000. She became a single mother, shell-shocked, without life insurance. All she had was Jesus and the children and herself. One in every two houses is single-parented. She knows the fears: not enough money and standing alone. She says, “Ive been working with single moms. Most dont know how to help us. Were longing for help... kindness.

    “I was never enough before standing ovations and best-selling books, and I was never enough with them. I began to see through the lie. Nothing is enough without Jesus. And authenticity.”

    She has stayed home for most of ten years while her children were growing up. She has a high schooler who will be a senior next year. “Ive worked hard to provide, with Gods help, stability for my children. They are my sun and moon and drink and celebration. I am very busy, in my neighborhood, loving people to Jesus. I speak to all kinds of groups, except today, it is all for the only Star...Jesus. Not for me.

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