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Martin Luther (10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German monk, priest, professor of theology and iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation. He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God's punishment for sin could be purchased with money. He confronted indulgence salesman Johann Tetzel with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. His refusal to retract all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521 resulted in his excommunication by the pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the Emperor.

Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin. His theology challenged the authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge and opposed sacerdotalism by considering all baptized Christians to be a holy priesthood. Those who identify with Luther's teachings are called Lutherans.

His translation of the Bible into the vernacular (instead of Latin) made it more accessible, causing a tremendous impact on the church and on German culture. It fostered the development of a standard version of the German language, added several principles to the art of translation, and influenced the translation into English of the King James Bible. His hymns influenced the development of singing in churches. His marriage to Katharina von Bora set a model for the practice of clerical marriage, allowing Protestant priests to marry.

In his later years, while suffering from several illnesses and deteriorating health, Luther became increasingly antisemitic, writing that Jewish homes should be destroyed, their synagogues burned, money confiscated and liberty curtailed. These statements have contributed to his controversial status. Earlier in his life and during his promotion of Protestantism, Luther communicated with converted-Jews who had become Christians and non-converted Jews on largely friendly terms, and then he condemned the Catholic Church for persecuting Jews that he called an injustice.

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great! | Posted September 02, 2020

Chapter Seven-Atlas and Friends

He told me to take a couple of days to rest and heal. The next thing we do, will blow your mind.

He approached me after I was done training a couple of days later and asked me how I was. The day after our marathon sex session, I was in pain. My ass was sore and I felt bruised all over. I went to classes and back home straight to bed and slept right through to the next morning. He gave me an aloe Vera cream and I used it for two days. It worked miracles. My ass felt tight and ready to go again. In fact by the afternoon of the second day, I was missing that full feeling in my ass and craving hard sex.

Jim told me that he that he had a solution for my insatiable ass. Follow me slave and see what I have in store for you. He had laid out a different outfit for me this time.

A white thong, short white boy shorts, a black mesh t shirt and a leather baseball hat. There were black boots, a leather collar, a black eye mask and a cock ring to wear too. I put everything on, really excited about the outfit, and loving the full, engorged feeling of my cock imprisoned in a metal cock ring, that fit just right. Enough to let me know it was there but not too tight. It made my cock as hard as a jackhammer. I felt really sexy and slutty and I liked how it felt, especially with the mask on, I felt like I could be anyone I wanted to.

I'm taking you somewhere tonight he said and no-one will know you or recognize you with the mask on so don't worry about being out like this. I've parked out back so we can go right out my shipping doors and no-one will see you.

Besides you have to do what I tell you don't you slave. Yes master I said. That was how we did it after that second night. He wanted me to call him master and I was his sex slave. Whenever we were together I had to obey anything and everything he asked of me. I liked being out of control. He gave me a trench coat to wear and we left. We drove into the city and parked outside of a club and he led me inside.

It was dark inside with really loud music and lots of private tables around a large dance floor. The floor was full of men dancing, some barely clothed, lots of men dancing and making out. We went to a table he had reserved and there was a large black man sitting there. Chris he said this is Atlas. I found someone who can fill that beautiful hole of yours. Atlas was about 6 feet tall and around 240 pounds of pure muscle. He had a bald head, deep penetrating eyes and an incredible physique. I was really turned on.

He was shirtless and had a gold chain, thick and tight around his neck that matched two gold hoop earrings. His chest muscles were carved like granite and his shoulders and arms thick and defined. His body glistened and shined like fine Ebony. He smiled and motioned us over.

He stuck his large hand out and shook mine which just about disappeared inside his hand. His voice was like velvet.

"Hi Chris, Jim told me about you, but seeing you, you're even more beautiful than what he said."

I smiled shyly and he motioned to me to sit down beside him.

"Sit here, let's get to know each other."

I sat beside him and glanced down at his powerful thighs, carved and veiny. He was wearing a white thong, that really stood out on his beautiful dark skin. I sat beside him and he put his arm around and pulled me close to him.

"Let's get Jim on the other side of you and have some fun."

I moved closer and Jim slid in beside me tight to my body and pushing me against Atlas. Our thighs were touching and pressing against each other. I thought I had nice size to my legs but they were dwarfed by Atlas powerful thighs.

I felt Atlas big hand on my knee and turned to face him as his hand slide slowly up my thigh, he leaned in and kissed me fully, quickly parting my lips with his tongue, Jim's hand went straight to my balls, grabbing them fully and squeezing and rolling them between his fingers, while rubbing the palm of his hand against the underside of my shaft. Atlas grabbed the waistband of my boy shorts and pulled them down and off of me, leaving me sitting in a bar with two men fondling me wearing nothing but a thong, a mesh shirt, black boots and mask and a cock ring, and I loved it.

Both of them were grabbing my balls and lifting me up with their hands and squeezing at the same time. Jim was twisting my erect nipples through the mesh shirt while Atlas rubbed his big hand on my cock and kissed me like he hadn't kissed anyone before me. It was passionate, throaty and slutty at the same time. He was sucking my tongue and pulling me into his mouth, rimming my teeth with his tongue and kissing me fully on the lips, pressing into me, like he, loved me. It was overwhelming and I leaned in and really gave myself over to him.

I turned into him and Jim, slid over the thin band of my thong between my ass and stuck in his already lubed up finger deep into my puckered hole. I gasped and pushed back into his hand, while Atlas put his hand on my hip, turned my ass out towards Jim and started humping me, white thong against white thong. He whispered in my ear as he ground hard into me, you're a beautiful man and I want to fuck you and then make love to you. I melted with his voice in my ear and pulled myself into his warm, strong arms. I whispered back, I've never made love, I've only been fucked.

He eased my head back and stared intently into my eyes, I'm going to make love to you tonight and he smiled at me, through me, to me in a way I'd never seen, till I met you Jay.

Jim had two fingers in me now and was really pumping my ass hard and treating me like the slut I had been and on the other side Atlas was making love to me. It was like two different types of sex at the same time and it made me deliriously horny. I felt sensual and slutty at the same time.

Jim looked at Atlas and said,

"let's take my boy Chris to a room and show him what it means to really get fucked."

Atlas smiled and said,

"Let's do it"

We got up from the table and I followed Atlas with Jim close behind me. I was getting a lot of looks from the men in the bar and they looked like they wanted to put me down on a bed and fuck the shit out of me. It made me really horny imaging a roomful of men fucking me, one after the other all night. I was out of my mind with lust.

We went down a hallway into a room with a large, round bed and mirrors on the walls and ceiling. The lights were dimmed and I was ready. Lie down on the bed Chris. I laid down and both he and Atlas laid down on either side of me. Atlas put his hand on my balls and squeezed gently at first then harder and harder till I was fully arching my back and pushing my balls right up into his hand as he kissed me and twisted my nipples through my mesh shirt.

Atlas slid down and kneeled between my legs. He pushed my legs wide with his massive hands like they were twigs, lubed up his fingers and slid my thong to the side, sliding one thick finger up my hole. He twisted and pushed till it was deep inside me. Jim got on top of my face and hung his balls over my tongue. I started licking him and sucking his balls while Atlas worked his way up to two, then three fingers and I began really opening up for him. I wanted his cock inside me. He stood up and slid down his thong and revealed a monster ten inch thick cock. He had average balls, but that cock was like a big python, coiled and ready to strike at my little ass.

He peeled down my thong and nudged the thick head against my aching nub, pushing and spreading my pink hole open as his thick head moved into my hole. He pushed harder and I could really feel myself stretching to try and take in this giant cock, when he pushed the head in I gasped and cried out loud in pain. It was huge and hurt a lot. I didn't think I could do this.

I tried to breath and relax my ass for him. He moved back and forth with tiny movements, slowly inching that giant cock in until he could start fucking me. Slowly and surely it went deep inside of me, until I felt his balls and pubes right against my rippling, shaking ass.

He pushed his cock deeper and deeper till I felt like I was going to be split wide open. He grabbed my ankles and stretched my legs wide in a full split, my hole full of Atlas' beautiful cock Jim was poised above my able and willing mouth, sliding his thick cock back and forth slowly into me. I was sucking and licking and panting for air, especially with each magnificent thrust of Atlas' huge black cock deep into my succulent pink hole.

Atlas massive hands were digging into my hips and clenching me, pulling me deep onto his cock. He was moving slowly and sensually grinding and turning with each powerful thrust that felt like his cock was pushing right up into me. I was writhing and thrashing against his strong thrusts, impaled on his massive cock and Jim wasn't letting up. He was humping my mouth like crazy. I wanted his cum and relief for my mouth to get more air in.

Gay Fuck Tube

I was breathless and panting with insane lust filled joy as Atlas filled me like I had never been before. The way he was moving against me was so different than the way Jim fucked me. He was making love to me and I felt warm all over and with each massive thrust, felt closer and closer to him. Jim finally grunted and blasted a big thick load down my throat. He shuddered as I gulped down every drop and licked his shaft and suckled the end of his thick knob. He kept it in my mouth and I liked that feeling of his cock warm in my mouth.

Suddenly Atlas pulled me hard into him and arched his head far back crying out with the most beautiful sound. It was pure and almost wounded. His head was tilted back and his back arched, his whole body convulsing with the massive load he had blown deep into my ass. He held me tight and lowered his big frame down onto me, his shaft still buried deep in my soft hole. I reached around and held him warmly against me and kissed his ear and neck, whispering thank-you. He looked into my eyes and smiled so softly at me, my heart melted.

What a beautiful man he was, inside and out. I looked over and Jim was smiling at us with a twisted kind of grin. I had seen that look before, usually when he was whipping me.

"Let's do a spit roast Atlas. This time I think I'll steer from behind now that you have him loosened up. Get on your knees slut, "

He bellowed! Atlas looked a bit concerned at the way Jim was talking.

"You alright man. Maybe he needs a rest."

"Trust me Atlas, he prefers it this way. His hole loves being filled with cock and anything else I can think of."

He reached over to a bag he had with him and pulled out a massive dildo.

"Allow me to show you"

Atlas just looked at me and I smiled weakly and nodded. I wasn't feeling things the same way as I usually did. I think Atlas saw it in my face.

"Maybe we let him rest Jim", he said in a way that meant he better listen.

"Fine, I'll go get us some drinks", and he got up and put on a leather studded thong and a leather hat and boots and left us.

Atlas turned to me and said

"Lay down little prince, I'll take care of you," smiling that golden smile.

I laid down and he laid beside me, pulling me into his arms my head on his powerful chest.

His musky scent was turning me on and I felt my cock growing harder.

"Let me ask you Chris, why are you with Jim. I don't think you want this kind of rough sex do you?"

I looked up at him and turned my head down, embarrassed.

"I like it actually."

"Maybe you can find someone to love you while they do it for you Chris, have you thought of that?"

I shook my head.

"This kind of thing with Jim, will just get weirder and crazier, so I'm telling you, protect yourself and find someone to love you."

"Like you I said shyly."

He smiled and said

"Yeah but younger!" and laughed out loud.

I laughed too, just as Jim walked in.

He saw us laughing and cuddling and his face turned red with anger.

"Isn't this cute. My slave is falling in love"

"Go easy Jim, " Atlas said.

"I have a special treat for you Chris. You told me you wanted more than one man, so I called some friends. They're here and ready for you."

He smiled a wicked grin as two men walked in behind him. One was a short, stocky and massively built guy who looked like he was from the islands, Samoan maybe. The other was white, taller than Jim, with a big beard, dark brown hair and a powerful build. Thick shoulders and strong chest and thick strong legs. They were both shirtless wearing thongs and their bulges were beautiful. I couldn't help but stare and wonder how good it would feel to be fucked by all of them. The Samoan had huge nuts and a thick stubby cock that was poking up almost out of his thong. The white guy's cock was unreal. Perfect, thick and Long with big veins and nice nuts. Sweet, full and round.

Jim smiled as he saw the look on my face that he knew so well.

"Take a look at my boy Atlas, he wants this bad, don't you Chris?"

I nodded, out of my head with desire.

Are you sure Chris, Atlas asked.

I nodded and smiled.

"I'll make sure you're safe," he said

Jim laughed. "We're just gonna have fun Atlas, relax buddy."

The Samoan beckoned me over and I stood up, cock aching with desire. He motioned me over to him.

I started walking and Jim barked at me,

"Crawl slave!"

I got down on my knees and crawled toward him. I stopped in front of his legs that looked like marble and waited head down.

He grabbed me by the hair and lifted me up so I was kneeling and looking straight at his cock and giant balls.

"Suck me slave boy."

I opened my mouth and cupped one of his balls through the thong reaching around grabbing his thick juicy ass. He was smooth all over. He pumped into my face and grabbed my hair with both hands grinding into my willing mouth. I heard the other guy come around behind me and got nervous and horny at the same time.

"Chris this is Kulu and Josh. They played ball with me and they are going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before and then Atlas and I and all of us at the same time. You're gonna love it my little slut."

I nodded and sucked harder on Kulu's balls. He ripped his thong off and his thick , fat cock sprang up in front of me. I wrapped my soft lips around the impossibly large head and sucked it gently. I heard him moan as he pushed it into my mouth. It was so thick I had to stretch my mouth to fit it. He pumped in and out, pulling my hair hard with his hands and I opened wide, licking as it slide past my lips.

I felt Josh's hands caressing my ass.

live gay porn

"Boy you have the most beautiful ass I've ever seen. I'm gonna enjoy fucking you.

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great! | Posted September 02, 2020
om shivered as he watched Clint open the heavy steel door. It was on the opposite wall of the laundry room from the cell's door. The last time, Tom had been naked and the laundry room's bare concrete floor had been icy cold against his feet. Donny had unlocked the door and Caleb had pushed Tom into the darkness. Caleb had gripped Tom's waist and pressed his stiff cock into Tom's butt crack. "Soon, Honey," he'd whispered. "Soon." Clint stepped inside and turned the lights on. Tom followed him. They were in a big bare room with an unfinished ceiling and naked concrete walls. An age-flattened wine red shag carpet covered part of the floor. The carpeted area was furnished with a broken-down sofa, an old beat-up recliner, a pair of folding chairs, and a card table. Pretty standard for a basement room in an old neglected house. That changed abruptly in the uncarpeted part of the room. A rectangular steel frame—vertical bars with heavy horizontal braces—was fastened to the bare joists and floor a few feet away from the back wall. A padded black steel bench sat beside the frame. A sling—a black leather hammock suspended from the joists by chrome chains—hung on the other side of the frame. A black flag was fastened to one wall. It bore the image of a clenched fist—stark white against the black—and the legend "America's Fist." This was a full studio, with a video camera and lights hanging from the joists, two more cameras mounted on wheeled tripods, and flatscreen monitors scattered around the room. Tom stood at the edge of the carpet, looking at the bare concrete and sinister equipment beyond that ragged boundary of semi-civilization. Last time, he'd been frightened, not knowing what Donny and Caleb were going to do to him. And knowing his humiliation and shame would be recorded and broadcast to the world—or at least, a small dark part of it—had made it even worse. Caleb had pressed against Tom's back. "You have SUCH a purty lil ass," he'd said, rubbing his bare dick up and down Tom's butt crack and fondling Tom's cock. Embarrassingly, it had hardened under the bad mountain man's touch. "Oh yeah!" Caleb had crowed. "We're gonna have us some fun tonight!" "You ready for this?" Clint asked. Like Tom, he was dressed in a black leather harness, a black leather jockstrap, heavy black leather boots, and a black ski mask. They'd borrowed the gear from the Copperhead Gang's well-stocked dungeon. Clint's voice brought Tom back to the present. "Sure." He felt self-conscious in the leather gear, but was also horny as hell, with his cock straining against the jockstrap. "I don't want to be vindictive, but I can't help it. It's payback time for those Nazi motherfuckers." "Amen to that, Brother!" Washington came in, bare-chested and wearing skin-tight black leather pants, heavy black leather boots, and his own black ski mask. "After everything they did—" He stopped at the sound of footsteps from the laundry room. "Well, here they come." "Showtime," Tom whispered as Harry and Tiny brought Donny and Caleb in. Harry and Tiny were still dressed in camo fatigues and combat boots, although they'd traded their pistols and rifles for holstered stun guns. Donny and Caleb were naked, with manacles on their wrists and ankles, looking fearfully at the three leather-clad men facing them. Harry closed and locked the door. "Let us begin." He stood at parade rest in front of the door, with his hand on the butt of the stun gun. "Well." Washington stepped up to Donny and Caleb and put his hands on his hips. His unusually long thick cock was clearly visible through his tightly-stretched leather pants. "How's that white power thing working out for you?" Caleb growled, "Fuck you, n—!" Despite his defiant tone, he looked scared. Washington smiled sweetly. "That's not how it's gonna work." He patted the tattooed man's ass. Caleb tensed and curled his fists into balls, but then cast a frightened glance at Harry and Tiny and relaxed his fists again. "Not this time." Washington caressed Caleb's butt cheeks and then slipped a finger up his crack. "Oh fuck!" Caleb whispered. His cock was getting hard. It was thin but unusually long, with a wide head that looked like an army helmet. Washington grinned at Caleb's growing erection. "We'll get to that." He turned to Donny. "And how about you?" "You've won the battle," Donny said. "But, the war isn't over. Other Patriots will take our places." He looked tired and resigned. "Whatever you're going to do . . . Just get on with it." It was almost 8:00 p.m. Harry, Tiny, and Clint had spent most of the day interrogating Donny and Caleb. The video wouldn't be admissible in court, but they'd given lots of names, places, and dates that investigators could use to build cases. Now, they were going to livestream Donny's and Caleb's punishment for raping Washington and Tom. "Okay, let's go." Washington and Clint took Donny and Caleb by their arms, escorted them into the studio, and secured their ankle cuffs to a steel ring set in the concrete floor. Tom followed the little group. The studio lights came on when he stopped in front of the stark white-on-black "America's Fist" flag. "We ready?" "Yes, we are." A slim 19-year-old Hispanic man with short black hair and a sparse mustache, wearing a heavy long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots, picked up a video camera, came over to Tom, and kissed him. "Hi, Sancho." Tom put his hand on the bulge in the younger man's jeans. "Good to see . . ." He traced the outline of Sancho's penis with his thumb and index finger. ". . . and feel . . . you again." "Yeah," Sancho whispered. "Me too. You want to get together after this shoot?" "Do some private shooting?" Tom laughed. "Sure." "All right." Sancho was wearing a headset. "The guys upstairs are ready." Big John and Abe, Stonewall Ranch's two hackers, were at the dark web server in the back bedroom, monitoring the video feeds from the studio and choosing which camera to livestream. Tom picked up a pointed white hood and put it on, hiding his masked face. Memories flooded back as he checked his image in the monitor. The main memory was of Donny, naked except for his hood and heavy black work boots with his hard cock secured by a black leather cock ring, standing here in front of his white supremacist flag. As a heavy metal version of RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES played, he'd shouted "Patriots . . . Arise!" and extended his arm in a clenched-fist salute. "We are America's Fist—fighting to restore America's greatness and to punish its enemies." Donny had ranted about "racial purity" and played a recording of Tom, bent over in the middle of the cell with his hands on his knees, bracing himself while Washington fucked his ass from behind. He and Caleb had proceeded to "punish" Tom—flogging and then raping him. The worse part had been the way Tom had gotten off on it . . . He forgot all that when the music started. It was the heavy metal version of RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES that Donnie had used for the last webcast. HIS webcast. As the music blared, Tom shouted "Patriots . . . Arise!" and extended his arm in Donny's phallic clenched-fist salute. "You are America's Fist. He paused dramatically and then cried, "Frantically jerking your limp dicks!" The music ended abruptly and he raised the middle finger of his outstretched hand. "That ends tonight." Tom said in the sudden silence. "This is the last show for you homophobic queers, sitting in the dark jerking off while watching guys in hoods raping men in the name of 'racial purity.'" He took the hood off, showing the ski mask covering his face, then turned around, tore the "America's Fist" flag down, dropped it on the floor, and stomped it. Sancho dashed up with his camera and shot Tom's boots grinding the cloth into the concrete floor. Sancho ducked away. Tom glanced at the livestream monitor just as it switched to a medium shot of him, dressed in his black ski mask and leather gear. Like before, seeing himself on video was surreal beyond belief. But, THIS time, HE was in charge. Tom stared at the camera silently, giving his dark net audience a long look at his muscular body and the big bulge in his black leather jockstrap. In the monitor, he looked sexy . . . and dangerous. He picked the flag up and held it out toward the camera. "America's Fist is taking its place in the trash pile of history." He balled the flag up and unceremoniously dropped it into a garbage can. "Its flag . . . and its leaders." He pointed to Donny and Caleb. Donny looked defeated. Caleb glared halfheartedly. Both men looked scared. "These are your leaders?" The view stayed on Donny and Caleb for a few seconds, then switched back to Tom. "These pathetic queers?" He walked over to the two restrained men, only partially aware of Sancho following him with the hand camera. Face to face with Donny and Caleb, Tom forgot about the cameras and the video. The queer Klansmen really were pathetic, but that just made them more disgusting, rather than sympathetic. The world would be a better place if he just hung them on the spot, in front of all the dark web jackoffs. Tom wouldn't go that far, but he was definitely going to enjoy punishing these assholes. Maybe enjoy it too much. He'd have to watch himself. Donny and Caleb shrank further under Tom's glare. "You are guilty of kidnapping and rape," he said. "Now, we're going to punish you." He looked at Clint and Washington, who were standing a few feet away. "Guards!" He pointed to Caleb. "Secure him." Clint and Washington cuffed Caleb's wrists and ankles to the frame, leaving him spread-eagled and facing the wall. Washington stepped behind Caleb and rubbed the bulge in his tight leather pants up and down the tattooed man's butt crack. "You've got a hot ass . . . sweetheart!" He reached around Caleb's body and gripped the tattooed man's limp dick. "The perfect place to stick my long thick n— cock." "Now, you." Tom pointed to Donny. "Turn around and bend over." Donny stared at Washington dry humping Caleb's butt with frightened eyes. "No," he whispered. "You don't have a choice." Clint stepped up and punched Donny in the stomach. Donny grunted in pain and doubled over. Clint turned him around and said, "He's sure got a pretty asshole." "Yeah, but it looks kind of bare." Tom coated a thick ponytail butt plug with lubricant and pressed its wide blunt head into the center of Donny's puckered hole. Donny screamed in pain and fear. He tried to jerk away, but Clint held him in place. Tom pushed harder, painfully stretching Donny's hole. The man's screams were unnerving, but Tom reminded himself that Donny and Caleb had raped Washington's virgin ass and continued the steady pressure. Donny's scream when the butt plug finally snapped into place was the loudest of all. "Oh Jesus . . ." he moaned. "That's better." Tom stroked the black horsehair tail attached to the butt plug, shifting the toy in the terrified racist's asshole. "He likes it, too." He closed his fist around Donny's hardening dick. Tom patted Donny's butt and then moved over to Caleb, who was still trying to shrink away from the giant bulge in Washington's tight leather pants. "Well, look here. He's getting hard, too." "These Klansmen." Tom shook his head. "Just pathetic queers who won't admit it." He watched Washington slide his index finger up the tattooed racist's ass. He didn't use any lube. Caleb screamed in pain, but his cock sprang to full stiffness. Tom laughed. "See what I mean? A bottom's just a top who hasn't been buttfucked . . . yet." "I'm gonna fix that." Washington twisted his finger in Caleb's ass. "With my big black cock." He pushed his finger in deeper, making Caleb scream again. "You like that? White boy?" "Motherfucker," Caleb groaned. Washington pulled his finger completely out of Caleb's asshole and then pushed it in again. "I'll take that as a 'yes.'" "He screams purty . . ." Tom continued playing with Donny's ponytail, shifting the thick plug in his ass. "I'm just getting started." Washington picked up a flogger—long thin black leather straps attached to a handle. It was the same one Caleb had used on Tom. "He's really gonna like THIS." He snapped the lash against Caleb's butt cheeks, making the man scream even louder than before. "Oh yeah!" He wielded the flogger mercilessly, turning Caleb's buttocks bright red. The images in the livestream monitor alternated between shots of the leather straps striking Caleb's ass and his stiff cock, jerking with each impact. The flogger's terrifying CRACK! mixed with the tattooed racists' sobs and screams. "Fun, isn't it?" Washington put the flogger aside and caressed Caleb's bright red butt cheeks. "Mother—" Caleb screamed and tried to jerk away when Washington slapped his ass, hard enough to leave a red handprint on his already pink cheeks. "Get a new vocabulary." Washington stepped where Caleb could see him, then opened his tight black leather pants and took his cock and balls out. "Something suitable for a good hard ass fucking." His grin was wicked. "With my big n— cock." Caleb stared at Washington's giant erection in horror. "Shit . . ." "Oh come on." Washington pointed at Caleb's hard-on. "You just can't wait." "You like that, sweetie?" Tom whispered in Donny's ear. "You're gonna be next. After Washington's finished making your asshole buddy his bitch." "No!" Donny gasped. "You can't—" He squealed when Tom pulled the pony plug completely out of his ass and then drove it back in. "'Can't' is NOT in our vocabulary," Tom answered. "Not after what you two did to us." He worked the butt plug roughly, making Donny's hard cock jerk. Tom let go of the plug, reached around Donny's body, and squeezed his balls. "Tell Washington how much you want to see him fuck Caleb." "No . . ." "Oh come on." Tom tightened his grip, making Donny moan. "You like watching." He increased the pressure on Donny's nuts. "Say it!" "Fuck him!" Donny sobbed. "Fuck his ass!" Tom loosened his grip, a little. "Like you mean it." "Fuck him!" Donny shouted desperately. "Ram your big hard cock up his ass." "That's a good little cheerleader." Tom released Donny's balls and fondled his stiff dick. "Now, louder. With more enthusiasm." "Fuck his ass!" Donny shouted. "With your big n—" Tom moved his hand back to Donny's balls. "With your big black cock!" Tom watched Washington lubricate his oversized mahogany cock and then press its head between Caleb's buttocks. His own rod, trapped inside the leather jockstrap, was painfully hard. Caleb screamed as Washington pushed into his ass. "It's not so funny, is it?" Washington growled. "When YOU'RE the one getting it." The livestream monitor showed a close-up of Washington's wide cock-head opening the tattooed man's asshole. "God!" Caleb moaned, trying to pull away. "He's not on YOUR side." Washington drove home. Caleb's scream of surprise and pain echoed off the basement's concrete walls and floor. The monitor showed Washington's big log, all the way up Caleb's ass. Then, the view switched to Caleb's crotch. The precum leaking from his swollen cock was running down his shaft, over his balls, and dripping on the floor, forming a little puddle. "You've got a fuckin' tight ass." Washington drew back slowly and then slammed home again, making Caleb scream—a scream that mixed pain and raw searing pleasure. "A fuckin' virgin ass!" He pulled completely out, then plunged back through Caleb's anal ring and into his depths. Caleb screamed again, even louder then before. "Perfect for a big black cock." Washington fucked Caleb, hard and fast. Caleb's stiff cock jerked and throbbed in time with Washington's rough thrusts. "Tell me!" Washington demanded. "Tell me how much you like this!" "Oh shit!" Caleb groaned. "You're tearing me apart. Turning my guts inside out." "Bullshit!" Washington said. "Your cock is so fucking hard . . ." He picked the flogger up and snapped it between Caleb's shoulder blades. "All right!" Caleb said. "It feels good. Everybody likes it up the ass. Even my girlfriend—" Washington snapped the flogger again. "I don't want to hear about a homophobic queer's girlfriend." Tom opened his black leather jockstrap's zipper, freeing his painfully hard cock, and then pushed Donny to his knees in front of Caleb. He pulled the pony plug out of Donny's ass and slid his stiff rod up the other man's hot tight hole. "Go on, cheerleader," he growled. "Suck your buddy's cock."

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Teddie (1)
Kathy | Posted February 12, 2020
Martin Luther is one of the best authors on the planet, and if you don't believe me, you can ask the people who provide special info on this subject. They'll be more than happy to help you out on this. They don't feel troubled by this.

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