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    The Trust Project
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    Founded by brothers Tim and Bryan Parady, The Trust Project was born in the fall of 2005. Even though they grew up in the same home and shared a passion for music, their seven year age difference separated them for a time as they grew older. After moving to Dallas, TX, Tim went off to college and joined up with Seventh Day Slumber filling their empty keyboardist slot. Over the next four years, that position developed into keyboardist, rhythm guitarist, and background vocalist. After meeting the love of his life, he parted ways with his bandmates and walked into his new relationship with his new bride Tammy. Meanwhile, Bryan was honing his drumming skills and studying different musical styles and techniques. In early 2005 their love for music finally brought Tim and Bryan back to together, which turned them into The Trust Project and led them to the studio to record their debut EP "Breaking the Silence".

    The band's intention was to produce music for distribution only and not take to the stage, however with their radio release of "Push Me Down" calls to perform came pouring in. "Screaming Silence" and their latest single "Movin' On" have been played on radio stations across the United States, Canada, the UK, South America, and Puerto Rico. Now in need of a full band, Tammy picked up the guitar and lent her background vocals to add to the group. Since then, this Texas based rock/powerpop group has played within their region, as well as nationally including a showcase at this years GMA convention in Nashville, TN. They have shared the stage with several national acts including: Fireflight, Nevertheless, Day of Fire, Run Kid Run, and Inhabited. While the group is thankful for these opportunities and the doors that have been opened for them, they are not swayed from what they are called to do. You will hear lead vocalist and bassist Tim Parady profess from stage "we are not rock stars", and they live up to it by making themselves available to their audience as much as possible. ?Our motto is "Real Life, Real Music". We want our music to be honest, so we write about our personal struggles and things that we go through personally. We don't want to pull any punches", says lead singer Tim Parady. And they don't. From "Push Me Down" a song dealing with dying to self to truly living in Christ, to "Screaming Silence" a song that deals with cutting they are willing to write and talk about struggles everyone faces but many aren?t willing to talk about. "The song "Screaming Silence" was written during a troubling time for me," says drummer Bryan. "I struggled with cutting in my mid-teens , but I found that Christ could bring me through it, I found that despite my anger and guilt that overwhelmed me, there was hope, there was God, loving me all the while".

    Poignant, gripping, and relevant are just a few words used to describe the rest of the band's songs. Despite all that they have been through, they aren't afraid to admit that they are still learning. Tim says, "The Trust Project is an adventure for us. We are trying to put aside all of our preconceived ideas and learn to trust God to guide us into a relationship with Him. It is a daily process".

    Through their honesty, they create an atmosphere that encourages their audience to be open about their struggles, and gives them the desire to face their own fears. "Taking time after shows to interact, and responding to emails and our (30,000 and growing) friends on myspace is important to us. We want to be there for those who need us to be. Our goal as The Trust Project, is to help the down-trodden. To help bring down the walls and masks that our society encourages and builds. We want people to be free of expectations of others, free of shame and guilt. We want them to find life and find it abundantly".

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