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    yshwa4life why this name?
    ...it's all about Him.

    Do you play live?
    What's in me has GOT to come out!

    How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
    it levels tha playin' field fo' new Jacks with mad talent.

    Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
    ...i'd have ta pray about it.

    Your sound?
    ...like a salty combination of hardcore rap and heavenly hiphop with a latin twist, covered in hot sauce 4 tha purpose o' makin' hits that 'r bangin! My influences stem from my desire to colaborate and mix it up

    Toby Mac,DJ Maj,Sev Statik,Unity Klan,Priesthood,T-bone,Knowdaverbs...but casting crowns has got 'em beat hands down

    Favorite spot?
    My favorite spot would have ta be in my bearchair at tha house. It's not really a bear but it's what we call it. It's big,brown,soft and comfortable (without tha teeth) and my bear collection is next to it on tha table (extensive).

    Equipment used?
    i play metal guitar, harmonica, keyboards and tha beatbox.

    Do you play live?
    ...only on tha street (so far), i enjoy clearin' tha smoke so that folks can see tha real deal ya know?

    How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
    it levels tha playin' field fo' new Jacks with mad talent.

    Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
    ...i'd have ta pray about it.

    Band History?
    From tha time i was born, i was destined for trouble. My dad walked out on us when i was 11 months old leaving Mom to raise me and my sister alone in tha 70s (not as easy as it is today). She was shortly after introduced to my stepfather.

    He was a mans man, grew up in NYC, worked construction...etc. and my mother felt safe with him. We used to do a lot of stuff together him and me, we were good friends; but even as a little kid there was somethin' inside of me that never trusted him.

    She eventually married him and he moved us out to California (against tha wishes of me and my sister, who was older and stayed behind) Mom thought it was best because i wasn't very good at being...good. She thought having a man around full time and tha change of scenery would help but for me & sis it only got worse. It would have been a good idea in a perfect world but that's somethin' that this old world...ain't.

    The booze eventually pickled his brain and he became abusive. i was constantly running away and ended up in juvenile hall a bunch o' times. i started drinking and using drugs when i was 10 so it didn't take long for "tha avalanche" to begin. California during tha 80s was ripe for kids like me, believe it and there were plenty of things to do to get into trouble.

    Anyway after many times of leaving, she finally did (she'd been going ta college for a nursing degree) for good. Looking back now, i realize what a devoted wife and mother she always was...i just couldn't see it then...it was all about me at that time ya know?

    So she picked me up from juvenile hall (again) when it was time for my release and brought me to our new apartment. This time, i knew it was for real, we had always stayed with friends but now it was different. It was official. Her plans had been realized, she had just been biding her time goin' ta school. Before that, i couldn't turn on tha t.v. without his permission, i couldn't just go in tha fridge and grab somethin' ta eat...he was always watching...every move, every sentence, every chore...there he was glarin' at me. He used ta constantly put me down and try ta make me feel stupid...at times it felt like hell on earth; but she'd finally left...needless ta say i was jazzed (understatement).

    She worked tha nightshift at tha hospital so i had free reign but she knew that it was what i needed. i'd been under his domination for so long, i didn't really know what it meant to be home. i threw mad parties and almost got us kicked out a few times...until he moved in.

    Pastor Paul Leavens...a preacherdude, next door. i didn't let it bother me. i was friendly to him but ya know. He was a nice guy and all,i just didn't really trust any one. Mom started going to his church and i'd even went on a few occasions but really didn't like it. There was nothing but old people there (no disrespect intended this is simply how i felt at tha time). It made Mom happy though and i liked that, she'd been through so much up until then.

    One day he asked me ta go out ta lunch. i was a little leery but couldn't pass up free food (bein' a teen and all) so i went. We had a good time, he didn't try ta get me saved, he just loved on me. It went really well. He took me out a few more times until he began ta slowly tell me tha truth about who God was. That He was a God of love and mercy, that He didn't want me ta go to hell and how much it took for Him to make that a reality. Mom always said that everyones got a little good in 'em...that there was no such thing as a bad boy (that philosophy was birthed out of tha world wars...she just didn't know any better until later in life). Well, since i was so good at making such a mess of my existence...that old line wasn't working anymore, i needed answers and this guy seemed ta have 'em. i'd always thought that He was up there ready ta clobber me when i messed up so i never wanted ta talk to 'Em.

    He eventually did lead me to tha Christ (a concept i was vaguely familiar with) and i knew that i had met God personally.

    i asked Jesus into my heart and life and it hasn't been tha same since! i was a bigtime metalhead and played in a bunch of different bands, worse yet, i loved gangsta' rap like EZ-E, digital underground, Ice-T, etc. so my mind was mush when it came to spiritual things...i was definitely a "baby Christian" with no idea how ta walk so this guy (i didn't even know) began ta disciple me and eventually i was baptized. It wasn't until i actually started readin' tha bible for myself that any real lasting change happened but he (through tha promptings of tha Spirit) laid a strong foundation.

    (discipleship is a process)

    To this day that stuff is still in my head, (i imagine it never leaves) but there's nothing i can do about that, other than turn around and use it for Gods glory.

    i believe very strongly that evangelism/discipleship is at tha very center of Gods heart. There's a lot for us as believers to disagree on...and most of that is OK...God doesn't mind rigorous debates; but one things fo' sure...He wants people saved!
    Over tha past almost 20 years now...He has proven Himself faithful to me over and over again ( He won't necessarily give ya everything ya want but He reveals Himself in so many different ways it's ridiculous) and i'll never look back. There are times that i still struggle...(i'm human) but i wouldn't trade His presence in my life for any amount of money!

    You may think i'm crazy...but see i don't care, i'm down with Yshwa 4life...check 'Em out i DARE YA!

    Since tha accident, i've been doin' a lot of reflecting. Mom always wanted me ta use my music and my love for tha english language fo' Gods glory i just...never did ya know?

    That's about ta change!

    Anything else...?

    ...well we're workin' on a new CD compilation and i'm hopin' ta mix it up with artists from all over the country. i may shift gears a little bit and be doin' some rapcore i dunno, wherever God may be leadin'.

    Entry last edited by yshwa4life on 02.13.08
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