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New Jerusalem
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New Jerusalem originates from Phoenix, Arizona. The focus of the band is to bring the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to all people throughout the world. This mission is burning in the heart of the group's founder: Thurane Aung Khin.

The Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 - "All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I am with you always, even to the end of the age." is the band's official slogan and is basis of New Jerusalem's mission statement.

The "Zeppelinesque" influence is merely musical. Most importantly, the spiritual focus of the unit is to reflect the love, tenderness, power, authority and fun of God! The Gray Dot, Inc./Bulletproof Music/Bulletboy CD "New Jerusalem" is available on both CD and by download.

Randy Householder and Thurane Aung Khin established the vision of New Jerusalem as an acoustic duo, choosing particular Zeppelin, Bad Company and Pearl Jam songs that, in Thurane's words, "don't dishonor God lyrically" along with the group's then eponymous Christian material. Other cover tunes were "watered down" to fit with Thurane's stringent insistence on maintaining Christian integrity.

They sought to start a band that would heavily minister in the Christian Church as a whole, while simultaneously reaching the secular market. Randy and Thurane were equally impressed with their respective talents, Thurane being enthralled with Randy's vocal range and ability to stylize his singing after Robert Plant, Paul Rogers, Axl Rose, Eddie Vedder and Mick Jagger. Randy was moved by Thurane's ability to play many cover tunes and learn note-for-note versions of Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Guns-n-Roses, Pearl Jam and The Rolling Stones.

As the duo developed, they added and "traunched through" a host of bassists and drummers to fill the musical void, developing a truly classic rock sound - a sound that has inspired countless fans who have experienced New Jerusalem.

Many secular clubs and churches were visited by the NJ duo and full band during that critical formation period, with notable performances at the "Spirit Fest" Christian festival, Desert Sky Pavillion, Arizona Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Mesa Amphitheater and gigs at the now legendary Mason Jar. Literally thousands of free NJ live and demo tapes were distributed during that period.

The band released "Foundation", a cassette that spawned their independent "New Jerusalem" CD. The song "Foundation" was written by Randy. It became a live staple at duo and full band shows in the early formative years of the group.

The release of the indie CD established the act nationally, with an initial distribution deal through Juke Box Media and considerable radio support. The original project was produced by Thurane, assisted by Phil Parmenter. The inside album jacket includes a beautiful poem written by John Madsen.

An unusual liason was also established by promoter Michael Wilkerson with Cactus Game Design. Michael introduced Thurane to Rob Anderson, president of Cactus Game Design, maker of the Scattergories game. Rob's company designed a Redemption playing card for New Jerusalem, available exclusively in the Bulletproof Music CD "New Jerusalem".

A computer game utilizing NJ's music and called "Saints of Virtue" was developed by Shine Studios - distributed by Cactus Game Design. That further entrenched the group in the Christian gamer's and hard music markets.

Many compilation CD's and cassettes include NJ's music, including DMR Diversions "e=mp3" - released 2 years prior to the mp3 soundfile popularity(!); and Jay Raymond's "Virtual Snowboarding" interactive CDROM (interspersed with video clips of snowboarding stunts and New Jerusalem songs).

After respectable exposure in the underground rock scene, Bulletproof Records signed New Jerusalem, further expanding the ever-growing legions of faithful New Jerusalem followers. That record deal was initiated by a simultaneous visit to the National Association of Christian Rock Radio summit meeting, with then aspiring NJ manager Mari Spyker and Thurane meeting Gray Dot/Bulletproof Music vice-president Dave Vanderpoel - and a referral by St. Marys, PA radio personality Eric Lane of WKBI. Eric prompted Thurane to call David at Gray Dot/Bulletproof. The resulting Bulletproof Records "New Jerusalem" re-release includes three tracks not available on the indie record: "You Are My Life", "Final Stand" and "Hail Tonight". The Gray Dot, Inc./Bulletproof Music CD

"New Jerusalem" is available on both CD and cassette - distributed by Super D and at any Christian/secular record retailer world wide. That initial record sold respectably, further garnering the foothold New Jerusalem has fast been attaining in the general music market.

The ABC Network made-for-television movie "What We Did That Night / Murder At Devil's Glen" included "Take Me Home" from the Bulletproof Music release in the soundtrack. "Take Me Home" was published by DSM Producers/Warner-Tamerlane BMI. "What We Did That Night" features Golden Globe award winner Rick Schroder("NYPD Blue", "Silver Spoons", "The Champ") - Michael Easton("Ally McBeal", "413 Hope St." "Total Recall 2070") - Jack Noseworthy ("Cats", "Breakdown" starring Kurt Russell, "The Brady Bunch Movie") - Jayce Bartok("SubUrbia") - Tara Reid("The Big Lebowski", "American Pie"); directed by Paul Shapiro("Black and Blue", "The Invaders").

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