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  • "Now to Him" from EP
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  • "Stir Up The Waters" from EP
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  • "We Are The Church" from EP
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    Jason Dillon
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    A third generation worship leader, Jason Dillon used to watch his grandfather lead congregations from the time he was a young boy. “Watching my grandfather lead people in singing and worship was always exciting to watch.  People deeply admired and followed him and he has always been an inspiration to me. Not only with the influence he had, but his unashamed love for the Lord and the gospel.  Everywhere he went, he was talking about Jesus,” Jason said.

    Jason Dillon is a worship singer/songwriter and part of larger collective of artists from Birmingham, AL.  He is joined by drummer, Brent Abney, guitarist, John Ross Clay and fellow worship leader and songwriter Anne Margaret Smith.  Some of the best times as a group have been sitting on the back porch laughing, telling stories and talking about Jesus.  “Sometimes music comes up, but its just friendship that brings us together. We want to see the river of God flowing in and through every relationship and the secret to that is really knowing and caring about each other as people. That brings so much life to us.”

    Jason and the band released their six song EP in May 2016 and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Songs “Set My Feet” and “Now to Him” have attracted the most attention with salty guitar riffs and rich lyrics.  “Now To Him” features a vivid picture of the scene in the throne room of God and an anthem-like chorus for all to join.  Perhaps an emerging anthem of our generation is the call-to-action found in “We Are The Church.”  Tear down the walls of our buildings, the church was never meant to be in there.  We, the church, are called to wield our greatest weapon to defeat the gates of hell - the love of Jesus.

    “We always joke that revival begins on the back porch. It’s really true though! Sometimes it is just easier to do the big church thing and have perfect sound, perfect events, perfect lights and smoke. But getting into someone’s messy life can be tough, but that’s where real love is.  Loving people where they are and for who we know God made them to be, that’s what we love to do. You have to be willing to get in the mess to love someone through it, and then out of it.  I love to watch God's redemtive story uniquely unfold in every person's life,” said Jason.

    That’s the message behind the music - songs that stir hope, family and revival. Revival starts within every person, and every person needs family. People aren’t always looking for a ministry with a beautiful bow on it.  They are looking for a safe place to be themselves and be known. They want what’s genuine. They want to laugh, love and be loved.  They want to love and worship God and know him deeply, within their family. Jason says, "we write and play music and worship like we are sitting around in the living room, and sometimes we get the honor to do it from a stage with a few more people.  But in the end, we are all just growing in deeper relationship with the Lord and with each other. Throughout history music has gathered people together and throughout history the gospel of Jesus changes people, and that's what we love to be a part of as much as we can."

    Jason and the band are already working on their second release, a full length project anticipated to release in Spring 2017. The band is working with producer, Nick Rector with Furnace Music, from Fredericksburg, VA.

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    My Dad | Posted April 08, 2020
    i love this music. it got stuck in my head more than anyone who is reading this comment can imagine. every wednesday night, my dad and the band would practice these songs at a church called canvas. i loved that church. i was younger and admit i really didnt go just to listen to my dad but everywhere i went to play in that ginormous church i could still here my dad echoing through the building and yah it got stuck in my head. i cant wait until their next album comes out so it can get stuck in my head all over again. ps sorry about the wait on the album. its worth the wait. -his eldest son Michael Dillon

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