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    Seventh Seal
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    Seventh Seal: a band with a sound so ferocious and pounding, it stands apart from the norm, its lyrical messages of hope and positivity dovetailing beautifully with the music, providing a duality that is rare in the heavy-metal genre. Their music is charting extremely well on Internet and independent radio, with two songs, “Forsaken†and “Martyr,†reaching 1, ahead of such bands as Underoath, As I Lay Dying, Project 86, and P.O.D.

    Nathan Heavel(bass, backing vocals), Josh Clark (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Mark Mathias(drums) came together in 2002 to form Seventh Seal. They began writing material that would become the basis for the band’s 2003 debut album. Joe Begly(lead guitar, backing vocals) joined the band in the spring of 2003 and Seventh Seal then set about recording its hard-rock/metal album in the fall, working with award-winning producer Travis Wyrick.

    In 2005 the band took on a new musical direction, exploring the genre of metal and hard rock, and recording an EP. Soon after the EP was completed, Mark Mathias stepped down as drummer but continued as the band’s manager. Tim Warner, a drummer who had worked previously with Nathan and Josh, joined the band in February of 2006.

    Seventh Seal has become a touring force in the Mid-Atlantic States, drawing large crowds at major rock venues, including The Recher Theatre, Fletchers, Sonar, The House of Rock, The Thunderdome, Jaxx, Stingers and the Funk Box. The band also has enjoyed national attention, being featured in the magazines HM and Relevant, both in articles and on compilation samplers.

    As 2006 drew to a close, Seventh Seal added guitarist Justin Gosnell (Vestascension) to their line-up to further diversify their sound thus allowing lead singer Josh Clark more freedom to interact with their fans during their shows. The new line-up has been performing to rave reviews. The band, now a five-piece, is busily writing and plans to release its sophomore album sometime in late 2007.

    Seventh Seal is a band that is different. This band is a group of men who have devoted their lives to searching for what it means to show honesty and integrity in a world diseased with lies. Never making claims of perfection, Seventh Seal is about living lives that can make this world a better place.

    There are social injustices occurring all over the globe, some worse than others, but something can be done. You dont need to donate money to special charities, or fly to a different country to make a difference. All you need to do is commit your life and your heart to doing what is right in every situation. Those decisions that you make will impact those around you. Those impacted may start living lives of integrity affecting those around them. Spreading like an anti-virus, a solid heart and mind built on the principles of honesty and integrity will cure this diseased world. You are going to make mistakes and not always do the best thing, but theres always more choices to act on, more situations will come to you and you need to make a difference by standing up for what is right.

    Seventh Seal is a band that enjoys playing the music they do because it provides a platform from which to present this message, this anthem that those who care about our world should be chanting. The people who care and have been forsaken by all the lies that this world gives them need to stand up and make a difference one heart and mind at a time. Seventh Seal doesnt care about what MTV or radio can do for them. Seventh Seal cares about how they can change people into using the platforms they stand on to make a difference in making this world a better place.

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    These guys should be a mega band | Posted April 14, 2012
    These guys should absolutely be a mega band on level with Red or any of the other big Christian rock acts, but sadly they were disbanded for a few years. But they are thankfully now back to make more amazing music! *jumps around excitedly* but any way, I regress. The band is an amazing alt metal act with great tone, songwriting, production, and musicianship, who should NOT be ignored by fans of the genre, or metal, and/or hard rock in general.

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