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    “Let them know you’re one in a million.” It’s a bold tagline indeed, but a motto singer/songwriter Grace Campbell fully embraces as she seeks to inspire tweens, teens and beyond with her peppy blend of pop and rock that’s just as infectious as it is inspirational.

    Though the Franklin, Tennessee-bred artist may be a fresh face to most in the music biz thus far, she’s no stranger to creative circle...s, growing up under the observatory wing of her father Wes Campbell (veteran manager of multi-platinum Grammy nominees Newsboys) and eventually getting the bug to perform through countless behind the scenes interactions.

    “I’ve always grown up around it and loved it, but when I turned 15 was the first time I really felt it,” the 17-year-old asserts. “The producer who worked on the Newsboys’ newest CD, Juan Otero, was at the house one night and asked me if I’d record a song, and though I was shy at first, I eventually had to give it a try. That night we put what we did on a CD before I was dropped off at the Newsboys’ bus to head to a show they had. I played it for my Dad, Michael Tait and Wayne Seboa and they all freaked out, so much so that the next morning I was booked for the Newsboys’ tour! It was so surreal because so much had happened in less than 24 hours. So two days later, I went back to his house and we recorded four more songs.”

    Upon finishing up those demos, Campbell did indeed hit the road at the end of 2009 with the band whom she literally grew up alongside, though it was more than merely those family ties that affirmed her talents. Shortly thereafter, she was booked for the 2010 iShine KNECT television series and tour, which expanded her performance (particularly acting) skills even further.

    The experience also helped flex her musical muscles, where fans found her channeling the diverse influence pool of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Debbie Gibson and ABBA with lyrics of empowerment. “I definitely want to have a positive influence on whoever is listening,” she confirms, while giving a shout out to her songwriting pals Juan Otero and Seth Mosely (also a Newsboys collaborator).

    “‘Beautiful’ was the song that started it all and it reminds people how incredible and amazing and they can be. ‘One In A Million’ is the first song I sang on stage and I love pointing at someone when I’m singing the chorus and seeing a big smile come across their face. ‘Home’ is a slower worship song and ‘Happy Day’ is about staying positive, no matter what the circumstances are.”

    With an EP comprised of those very tracks coming right around the corner, Campbell will continue touring on both the musical and theatrical fronts with the goal of impacting those she meets along the way as her primary priority.

    “I want to make great music that makes a difference in this world and inspires people to follow their dreams. I’m a girl with huge dreams and acting is another love of mine, where I’ve played all sorts of dramatic roles from youth group to iShine. No matter what I’m working on, I love people and I want them to know that there is something special about them. Everyone has a role in this world and you’re here for a reason, so be the best you can be.”

    Even with all the aforementioned ambitions, faith is still the top priority for Campbell, who’s surrounded by accountability and fellowship as she goes forth to minister to her peers.

    “Growing up in a Christian household with so many examples of family members being so strong in their faith has inspired me to strive all the more to be a strong woman of God,” she adds. “I am so tight with my pastors and I know that they are always their to help me get through anything. I am totally in love with God. I have always felt a super special connection with God- He’s my everything and my best friend.” 

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