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  • "Prayer for the Living" from The Forgotten
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    A couple of years ago, Tony (our lead guitarist), was asked to explain how our band came into existence. His reply was “The band came to exist as the result of poor communication, bad decisions, hurt feelings, rebellion, love, caring, support, and a passion for God. (We) started sometime back in 1999 with many ups and downs along the way.” I could never succinctly surmise the last dozen years any better if I tried. AwakenUs originated as a praise and worship band. In 2008, Holly (our lead vocalist) had a vision for an original song given to her. “Mirror” took form within the group; quickly followed by “Awaken”, our first single. The 11 tracks on the album “Reveal” came together through months of writing, rewriting, and recording in 2009 at Rundown Studios in Topeka, KS.  During this time, we also set up Reveal Ministries; a not-for-profit organization to promote God’s message of grace.  To support our first album release, we performed various shows to so that people could hear our music. Recently, we were in the creative process again. With a more polished sound, our new EP, "the Forgotten", has a release date of 1/29/2013.

    A bit about the band:
    Stan Sword
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: Vocals and rhythm guitar. I represent one of the roots of the group. Holly and I started the group as part of leading worship for a growing church.
    • Favorite thing ever: My day job is as an wireless industry executive. Every year I spend a week riding with the Mild Hogs across the vistas of the West. I love the scenic beauty of the National Parks. My goal is to see as many as possible before my motorcycle breaks down.
    Holly Huston
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: I am band leader and singer/songwriter. I used to play guitar til Mark joined the band. Now I play a mean pennywhistle :)
    • Favorite Princess Bride quote: “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday” I still start to laugh before that scene even arrives on the screen. 
    Steve Kuker
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: I play drums and also sing lead and backing vocals. I’ve been with the band for several years, but who’s counting? Oh, I guess we are!
    • Admirable qualities for your band mates: I just LOVE all of our band mates, even Doris! :) We are far more than a band, we are truly a family. I know that sounds like some kind of a slogan, or cliché, but it isn’t with us, we are family. This group has been through many twists, turns, and set-backs that would’ve destroyed 95% of the bands out there, but not us, and it’s because this is much more than just a band.
    Jerry Wilke
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: I play keyboards and sing a few notes too.
    • Favorite original song thus far: Prayer for the Living is my favorite song because it reminds me that we should pray always and for everyone.
    Doris Vorndran
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: Bass player & vocalist.
    • Favorite thing ever: Dark chocolate anything...chocolate period and ice cream (pop the lid, insert spoon and enjoy)!
    Tony Bockelman
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: Guitars. I first starting playing guitar because I was headed off to college and for sure that was the way to get the girls, right? I can't say that the guitar is what got the girl but it has been a ton of fun, especially when it brings me into the company of such great friends.
    • Brush with greatness: When was in college I got to shake hands with Orville Redenbacher at an alumni function. It was strange because he said hello, shook my hand, and then gave me a sticker with his image that said "I met Orville Redenbacher, the Popcorn King." I guess he wasn't up to signing autographs any longer.
    Mark Gabert
    • Involvement with AwakenUs: Guitars 
    • Vision for Reveal Ministries: To increase the number of band members to 20 or so. No really - recording our currently written songs and hoping the message in the songs helps someone.

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    Adam17 (36)
    nice | Posted April 20, 2018
    Such information is very important, I like reading it. look here

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    Evan48 (161)
    Good group! | Posted February 12, 2013
    Good group!

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    good music | Posted February 10, 2013
    yeah, i like it

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    Ausom | Posted February 07, 2013

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    Don't forget this artist | Posted February 07, 2013

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    jbaker (11)
    better than what I sing | Posted February 07, 2013

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    :D | Posted February 05, 2013

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    . | Posted February 04, 2013
    Watched the music video.

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    bull42 (382)
    Hey Guys | Posted February 04, 2013
    I like your music

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    Beanie17 (200)
    cool | Posted February 03, 2013
    sounds good!

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