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    Henry C. Murphy, better known as Zerubbabel is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Focus Music Group (KFMG). KFMG is a Christian entertainment corporation that consists of a television production company, Redeemed Media; a radio broadcast concern known as Z180Radio.com; an independent record label, Henn Diesel Records and a music publishing firm, Henn Diesel Music.

    Prior to devoting his life to Jesus Christ, Zerubbabel was a street hustler and pioneer in Savannah, Georgia's rap music scene that went by the moniker Henn Dogg.

    “I am no stranger to rap music or the streets. I have been involved in both since I was about twelve years old. In 1999, my passion for the craft and my lawless lifestyle drove me to do a solo album titled, ‘Streets is Wicked.’ This project gave me major street popularity throughout the south. It wasn’t until 2000, when I began to feel the tug of God in my life although I was still running the streets.”

    In 2001, Henn Dogg completed another gangster rap album titled “Another Day, Another Grind”. By the grace of God, this album was never released. God had begun moving in his life in ways that were unmistakeable. The Lord was making inward changes to Zerubbabel's life that were being confirmed by external occurrences. Gradually, Zerubbabel began to realize that God was molding him for a greater purpose.

    In December of 2003 Zerubbabel became a Christian and retired from creating music.

    “I put the pen down and followed hard after God for 5 years. During that time, He built up my character and ultimately made me a stronger artist.”

    Zerubbabel began taking Bible classes and meditating daily on God's Word. This time of refinement proved to be crucial to his walk with Christ. Away from the temptations and distractions of selfishness and sin, Zerubbabel was able to hear and embrace God's calling. He eventually began writing and recording again; this time with the intention of sharing the Gospel and bringing souls into God's Kingdom.

    “I no longer live to glorify the street life. I pray that everything that I do from this moment forward glorifies the One who made me a new creation. His name is Jesus.”

    Now a Husband to his beautiful wife Kaleathia, and a Father to three amazing children; Tika, Brianna, and Henry Murphy III, Zerubbabel's first ministry is his family. He also serves his church faithfully and is actively involved in small group fellowship. His business is flourishing like never before and as the name implies, Zerubbabel, has one singular focus - expanding God's Kingdom.

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    dilldogg (34)
    good stuff | Posted August 01, 2011
    good stuff

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    mumbai (37)
    Not my cup of tea | Posted July 31, 2011
    Not really my type of music but it is great to see different types of artists coming out with new music.

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    fastbunny (43)
    Not my type of music | Posted July 31, 2011
    Not my type of music but sounds like an interesting artist.

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    mrsnadaraj (121)
    Good | Posted July 31, 2011
    God bless you.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    nice | Posted July 27, 2011
    Keep making music. Good job

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    nice | Posted July 27, 2011
    Cool artist!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    bigmac (79)
    nice | Posted July 25, 2011
    cool new artist

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    Great | Posted July 22, 2011
    God bless your efforts.

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    We are remade | Posted July 21, 2011
    I love being able to read about Christian artists who's pasts were kind of rocky. You look at them now and see how amazing of a Christian they are and how much they love Christ, then you find out that they used to struggle with many different things in their past... it just amazes me that if we put our lives in God's hands, He can turn us around for the better... we are remade!

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    One for the kids | Posted July 20, 2011
    I love exposing my kids to different music styles, and I grew up listening to rap. I love the fact that this is rap my kids can listen to and also gives them a gospel centered message.

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