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    Mollye Rees
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    About Mollye Rees

    “A friend once told me, ‘Sometimes you just have to let go and enjoy the fall’,” shares Mollye Rees as she reflects on the journey God has laid out for her over the past few years. “Basically you have to let go and trust that God’s going to lead you in the right direction.” One recent stop on this journey was in the Top 5 on the national Soft AC/Inspirational chart published by Radio & Records with her debut Christian radio single “Different,” a duet with producer and Curb Records recording artist Jamie Slocum.

    Life’s journeys can be very interesting. Sometimes they are quick and easy while at other times, God allows us to take the “scenic route” as we follow His will for our life. The first stop on Mollye’s journey happened at a young age when she first accepted Christ into her heart. The second stop did not take place on the stage or in the recording studio. It took place on the volleyball court at Muskingum College in Ohio. When a back injury sidelined her focus on athletics, she began taking voice classes and giving in to her first love—music. After graduation, her next move was a journey to Nashville where she began to pursue a career in country music.

    “I grew up in a Christian home listening to Christian music but we listened to country music as well,” remembers Mollye. “Every decision I made as I began to pursue a music career led me toward country music so a move to Nashville was the natural thing to do.” As she began to pursue her passion for singing and a career in country music, God began to show her that a change in direction was coming. “I found that if you’re going to make it in country music you have to portray a certain image. You have to forget who you are and where you came from and take on this certain image that sells. I wasn’t willing to do that.” Even though it became clear to Mollye that God had better things in store for her and the gifts He had given her, she now looks back and sees His hand at work even in her decision to initially focus on country music.

    “Had I not initially pursued a career in country music, I might not have moved to Nashville and gotten into music at all,” says Mollye. Because of her move, she was introduced to producer and Curb recording artist Jamie Slocum who was tapped to produce her country music recording. “Everything just clicked. Our personalities clicked and thankfully our voices blended together as well,” says Mollye. “I wouldn’t have met Jamie had we been in another situation at that time. I might have been in the wrong place at that time, but the Lord used those experiences to help me connect with the right people.” The Lord used Jamie, who has had several #1 Christian radio hits of his own, to encouraged Mollye to follow her heart and record music that can make an eternal difference.

    The first step was a duet recorded with Jamie entitled “Different.” The song echoed the desire of Mollye’s heart and was a celebration of the new direction God was now leading her. “Different” was released to Christian radio in summer of 2008 and it didn’t take long for it to climb into the Top 5 on the national Soft AC/Inspirational charts (#3 on CRW, #4 on R&R). The song’s impact continued into 2009 as “Different” spent several weeks at #1 on R&R’s “Recurrent Chart.” “I’ve been promoting songs to Christian radio for nearly 15 years, and I’ve seldom seen a song from a new unknown artist make the impact ‘Different’ has made,” adds Wendell Gafford of Creative Promotions who handled the radio promotion of the single.

    “I feel thankful that I found a message in ‘Different’ that so many people could relate to and that has touched so many people’s lives,” exclaims Mollye. “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to release such a message and that so many people were impacted by it!” When sharing about the other songs on her debut Christian project expected to be released in the spring of 2009, the term message is often used. “We wanted to find other songs for this project that were like ‘Different.’ Songs with a message that made people stop and think.” The process of finding these songs has taken time and pushed back the initial release of the project entitled Different. Mollye continues, “You can easily find a great song because the music is wonderful or because it has a great beat, but in order to find songs that touch people’s hearts you have to dig deep. For that reasons I’m glad we’ve taken our time because the songs we’re now working on are amazing.”

    A theme of hope permeates this new release. “We live in an uncertain time. People are stressed out because they don’t’ know if they’ll have a job tomorrow or how they’ll pay their bills. That’s one reason every song on this project has a message of hope.” That’s especially true with the second radio single, “Morning Always Comes.” Mollye continues “It’s a message that says trust In God and tomorrow’s going to be a new day. He’s not going to let you falter.”

    They say hindsight is 20/20. As Mollye looks back on her journey thus far, she clearly sees how God has faithfully guided her each step of the way, even when she was on a “scenic part” of the route. “It’s helped me to trust God more,” shares Mollye. “I trusted Him before, but now when I’m faced with decisions, I’ve learned to listen and watch for those subtle hints from God that lead me in the right direction. It has really helped me open my eyes and pay attention to everything He is doing around me.”

    Right now Mollye is confident that she is right where God wants her. “When I was doing something I wanted to do…to pursue country music…doors kept shutting left and right. Now the doors continue to open and I don’t think everything would be happening this way if it wasn’t the direction God is leading.” That’s what happens when you “let go” and right now Mollye Rees is enjoying the fall!

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