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    Over the last decade of leading worship and serving churches in the Houston area, worship artists Dave & Jess Ray have honed their unique blend of Jess' nuanced, expressive vocals and Dave's emotive, reverent songwriting, combined with a passion to see God glorified in the church. Now they have begun an innovative new chapter with the launch of a brand new company and the consolidation of a vision for worship many years in the making.

    "The word 'together' is so powerful to us, because it expresses our heart's desire in worship," Dave says. "We want to see men and women brought together with their Creator in life-changing ways; we want to see churches bringing generations together to give glory to the Savior; we want to see families come together, making their faith real and tangible inside the home. There is incredible power in 'together.'"

    "At the heart of all of this is God's word," echoes Jess. "We want God's word to be central to our lives and embedded in our hearts. Then our songs are simply the overflow of our hearts, rooted in the word of God."

    One has only to take a cursory listen to their latest EP Goodness and Mercy to find that these are more than just sentiments. From the pulsing energy of the Psalm-23-based title track to the quiet reverence of "We Desire You," each song is built with obvious intentionality upon the foundation of scripture.

    Dave and Jess have also channeled this vision into a unique series of multigenerational worship albums called Doorpost Songs, including the most recent entry, Doorpost Songs: This Is Love. Each song is based directly on scripture and produced with a creativity and artistry unique to the genre.

    The songs of This Is Love are a litany of familiar memory verses, each paired with singable, infectious melodies:

    "I am the way and the truth and the life..."
    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."
    "I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."
    "Be strong and courageous..."

    Parents of three young children themselves, Dave and Jess have seen these songs make an impact on their own kids. "Our desire has always been that the word of God is at the core of who we are as a family. Now we're hearing our own kids sing these incredible promises from scripture. It's a way for the daily life of our family to be immersed in God's word," says Jess.

    "These songs are great tools for families who want to have some kind of worship or devotional time at home, but may not know how to start," Dave adds. "We've tried to create resources that will help parents do just that. But they're also great for churches who have children's worship programs or are looking for a way to do something that's multi-generational and has a real depth of spiritual and musical content."

    Driven by a deep and abiding vision for worship that bridges generations, Dave & Jess Ray hope to empower churches and families to come together in worship built on the foundation of scripture.

    "We've seen this music impact our church and our family in incredible ways," Dave concludes. "And we're passionate about seeing other churches and families experience the same powerful moments of worship!"

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    Nice Music | Posted August 21, 2017
    Both of these persons are the best artist of the history, I have liked their work and I think your blog is using some kind of best dissertation writing service uk . This is the reason this service has explained about them very beautifully.

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    LauraCC (63)
    Awesome music! | Posted October 06, 2011
    Now their new EP "Music for the radio" is free on Noisetrade!

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