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    Vomitorial Corpulence
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    VOMITORIAL CORPULENCE is a Christian Grindcore band that is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. You maybe asking yourself why Vomitorial Corpulence sings about and uses gore, death and suffering in their lyrics and artwork. Well it is because being a Christian Band it allows them to relate to people in the grindcore scene and to show people that GOD cares for all people.Their intention with the gore, death and suffering is to show that there are no immortals in this life as humans.We are not as strong as we may think, and that all of us have limits and someday we will leave this world. However, our existence is not limited to this world, and what seems to be the end is actually the beginning of the harvest of everything we have planted while we were here. In the eternal death or eternal life believing or not, we will be there some day. And if you desire eternal life, then Jesus Christ is the only way and also through his Holy Spirit, will guide you to that target. Vomitorial Corpulence's aim is to send a positive message through the music they love.

    In 1992 Paul Green wanted to play music for GOD, but didn't know if it would work - mixing grindcore with the message of life found in JESUS CHRIST. He prayed about it and GOD showed him there was a need to reach out to the unsaved in the grind core, death metal, hard core and black metal scenes.

    Paul came up with the name VOMITORIAL CORPULENCE, and found another christian, Mark, who was also into the idea of reaching out to the grind scene. So there was Paul (guitar), and now Mark who would play bass - Now all VC needed was a drummer! Paul asked a guy named O'Neil who was keen, and that's how the band began.

    The next step was putting together a CD. We got some studio time and recorded 23 brutal songs, which told about the TRUTH and the HOPE that can only be found in GOD's LOVE. Paul wanted a name for the CD which had some meaning that was a reflection of JESUS CHRIST and the brutal death which JESUS suffered to set everyone free from sin and have Everlasting Life with GOD our maker. Paul decided on naming the CD, "KARRIONIC HACKTICIAN" - It was a name chosen to reflection how sometimes we all go through feelings of hurt, times of pain and also death. People often don't even realize that they are harming each other. Jesus himself was made to suffer and die because people did not understand his message about GOD's love. The band's focus was to share with the grind and metal scene how we can all benefit from the love of GOD in our lives and that no matter how much we think we're doing ok, we are totally lost and blind to the truth without God in our lives.

    Vomitorial Corpulence started recording the "Karrionic Hacktician" CD. It took about 3 days in the recording studio. Paul felt good about it - that it would be able to relate to Christians, as well as relating better towards those in the grind scene that don't know GOD yet - by bringing the good news to them in a format which they were more ready to listen to. Once the recording was finished, Steve Rowe from Mortification was interested in releasing it on a compilation CD which seemed a good idea. After this comp. was released, O'Neil the drummer left because he was getting more into doom metal.

    A lot of time was spent looking for a new drummer but VC couldn't find one, so the band had a break.

    Ideally, VC needed a drummer that was into grindcore, but also a believer in Christ. It was decided to try using a drum machine but this didn't really work out. A drummer was needed.

    Paul prayed again, asking GOD for a miracle, and soon afterward got a phone call from a christian drummer that had tracked Vomitorial down on the interet/www. At this time, Paul felt confident that GOD was looking after VC and still wanted to do more with the band. This new drummer (Chris) seemed to fit the band very well!

    Within days the band was back in action, writing new material which became the "SKIN STRIPPER" album. About 9 months later, this 2nd release was out.

    It was a very productive time for us. We were able to put in many hours of practice together, and live shows would have happened except for the fact that we wanted a dedicated vocalist for the job. 2 or 3 guys were considered for the position, but nobody quite suited what we were doing. Sadly, the band never got as far as gigging, but the set list was sounding very good. We recorded live as a 3-piece band over 1 and a half days, with vocals and guitar solos overdubbed seperately.

    Chris left the band just after this 2nd album was completed (there was some conflict between us at this time). A short time later Mark also left. Paul was left trying to promote the Skin Stripper CD as much as he could by himself. At this point Paul was hoping he could get new members.

    Paul started writing songs for a new album which was to be titled, "Insalubrious Collagery Of Pernicious Sepsis Infestation", and gave the "Skin Stripper" album to Morbid Records to distribute. They seemed to have a good network for sales into the grind scene, but Morbid Records NEVER paid us any money from sales they made from this album! Do be cautious whenever dealing with a record label !!!!!!!

    In December 2001 Paul moved to Minnesota (USA) and was married to Maria, who would play bass for the band. Paul started looking for other members and two vocalists came along. Ziggy Peters (Low Vox) and Joshua Kellerman (High Vox). Again, the band was short by a drummer, and everything grinded to a halt. The new CD (INSALUBRIOUS) which was due to commence recording in September 2002 did not go as planned, so whilst you may have heard about this missing album, rest assured - this album does not exist! There were however 2 demo songs from this failed release that were included as bonus tracks on the re-issue of our debut recording, "Karrionic Hacktician".

    In August 2006, Paul Green, Mark Hamilton and Chris Valentine reunited and started working together again.
    Many songs were written, demos were mailed back and forth, and several band practices occurred. The aim was to produce a 3rd studio album called "CRUCIFIED". Progress was going quickly and very well, up until January 2007 when Paul took on longer work hours and started missing practice times. Our deadline for an Easter release (April 2007) was not going according to schedule anymore. Fortunately however, many of these practice sessions together were recorded, and a selection of this new material was released on an independent split CD with some other underground christian grind and noise artists. This 3rd official release for the band was titled "6-Way Sin Decomposition".

    We contributed 14 songs to this 83 track CD. It was released in August 2007.

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    Nice Music | Posted February 15, 2017
    I have heard many christian bands, they are about spirituality and the life. This band is different which has a unique style, aussiessay.net service provides the best musical articles for more information on bands like this.

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