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    Fight the Good Fight
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    “It’s just a regular, two man show…” As the intro fades out, the lights fade in, and the familiar 4 count from the drum sticks ring out, you realize this is NOT your regular two man show. In reality it’s not your regular concert period. What you see before you is the two-man band known as Fight The Good Fight. Where the similarities to the arguably most famous two-person band the White Stripes start is exactly where they end. While alike in numbers, the sound is completely different. Completely new. A sound you have never heard before. It is a sound very refreshing to the overly trendy, over-populated, overly saturated music scene, like a cold glass of sweet tea on a hot southern night.

    Fight The Good Fight may not be from the south (hailing from the mile high city of Denver, CO), but they know a thing or two about those smooth southern nights. Touring everywhere from Utah to Arkansas, Fight The Good Fight have set out to make a name for themselves not only in their home state of Colorado, but also in the states surrounding and beyond. With more accomplished in the first two years of being a band than most do in five, Fight The Good Fight has started strong and increased their momentum with every show played. Playing with such national Christian acts as Eleventyseven, Jon Reuben, and Starlit Platoon and festivals with Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless and Falling Up, the band has won over the hearts of many from young to old with their catchy, upbeat, uplifting, meaningful and downright fun music. “I can’t tell you how incredible it feels when a grandmother buys a CD for her grandchild, and one for herself!” exclaims front-man Tim Meverden.

    With comparisons ranging from Jimmy Eat World, Mat Kearney, Jack Johnson, Paul Wright, and O.A.R., FTGF’s musical styling is very much across the board. “Eclectic… very eclectic. We both listen to almost every type of music” explains drummer Greg Lee. Listening to everything from R&B and Hip Hop to Metal Core and pop-punk to the latest top 40 hits, FTGF aren’t restricting their musical circle of influences. “A lot of people are surprised when they find out I listen to newer artists like Michael Buble and Sophie Milman to classics like Frank Sinatra” continues Tim Meverden “I love all types of music. My mom raised me on Michael W. Smith’s “Secret Ambition”, Amy Grant’s “Heart In Motion” and the oldies station.” Greg chimes in with “I listened to classic rock, Hanson, and similar bands growing up. I made my way into hip hop and pop punk when I became a teenager. We find our common ground in our diverse taste in music.”

    From the beginning FTGF have always been about having a good time. Greg explains “pretty much every practice we have a jam session. Anywhere from ten minutes to an hour and a half. It always comes back to the music.” Beyond that there is a deeper reason for why FTGF do what they do. “We love Jesus Christ. Plain and simple” continues Tim, “this has, is, and will always be about the Faith we have in our Lord and Savior. We aren’t here to insult, degrade or put anyone down. We want any and everyone to know the unique and inherent intrinsic value they hold just by being alive. We are here to show you how important you are. You. right there, reading this. We want you to know that not only do we love you, but even more importantly God loves you. Just as you are. Where you are; emotionally, physically, in all things. This is why we do this. This is why we were put on this earth at this point in time. So you could see what we are going through, where we’ve been, where we are headed, and how God plays into all of that by being the divine creator and keeper of it.”

    All in all, FTGF have their heads on straight. Never forgetting where they came from, the struggles it took to get there, and always striving to keep humble hearts and minds in all things, you can expect huge things from the guys in Fight The Good Fight. Don’t let their small number fool you… there are big things happening with this two-some. Come check out a show, pick-up/download a CD and find out for yourself why there is a buzz about this two-man band.


    "After two great years it has come time for the ministry of Fight The Good Fight to come to an end. This was a tough yet very easy decision for us to make. On one hand it was hard to put something we love and are very passionate about go, but on the other hand we know God has some amazing things in store for our futures and we cannot wait to see what they are!

    "To anyone that ever came to a show, supported, prayed, and talked to us thank you so much!!! We love you all!!

    "July 2008 will be our last month as a band, and we have a couple shows left, so we would to see you come out one last time!

    "God Bless,

    "Greg and Tim"

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