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    Theory Hazit
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    Who is Theory Hazit?
    One MC with enough style to give the impression that he is a 3-man group.

    Who is Theory Hazit?
    A producer/DJ who feels at home rhyming over his own beats – or collaborating with high profile producers.

    Who is Theory Hazit?
    A husband and father – emerging from his days as a trouble youth and developing into a wise family man.

    Theory Hazit is a Hip Hop artist – born and raised in Winchester Kentucky with the support of his granny, an aunt and 2 uncles. He always had a vivid imagination, enjoying cartoons more then music videos. He grew up with a love for dancing like Big Daddy Kane, New Edition, Kid ‘n’ Play and others. When asked about how he fell in love with music – Theory (who is usually a man of few words) offers a full story.

    “My uncle was a Funk and R&B fanatic. He would baby sit me while my mom went out and partied. He introduced me to Prince, Cameo and others. One day he played “Rappers Delight” and automatically I had this feeling inside me that said, “I can do that!” I was 3 at the time. 2 or 3 years later I heard “Planet Rock” and that’s when I got into break dancing. My cousin Dave was a DJ and he kept me up to date with all the latest jams. One time, Dave and I were chillin’ at grandmas house and he turns it to BET. LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” came on and THAT is when I said “this is cool” – I want to listen to this music and this music only.”

    Around 1988 Theory started beat boxing for his cousin, which was the beginning of his production and beat skills. Years moved on and in 1991 he wrote his first rhyme. Kriss Kross came out with a song dissing ABC (another bad creation) and Theory responded with a diss song of his own aimed at Kriss Kross. That was his very first rhyme.

    Fast forward to 2007 and Theory Hazit is now preparing for the release of his first nationally distributed record titled “Extra Credit” on Hiphop IS Music with international support from SuperRappin and River City. With plenty of stories to tell, a bag full of witty punchlines, and the boldness to be honest in his music – Theory arrives on the scene sounding like the polished veteran that he is.

    Theory Hazit started working on “Extra Credit” after Braille (from Hiphop IS Music) approached him about doing an EP. Around late 2004 Theory and Braille started talking through email. Theory Hazit was putting together a production compilation and wanted Braille to rhyme on it. Months later Braille rolled through Cincinnati to rock a show and Theory was one of the opening acts. After Braille heard Theory rhyme, he immediately became interested in working with Theory under his label Hiphop IS Music. Braille started Hiphop IS Music in 2004 to release his own solo projects and music from his group Lightheaded. As the vision for the label expanded, Theory fit into the picture perfectly. After only a few more phone conversations – it was official and Theory started working on “Extra Credit”. Braille worked hard to collect the best tracks he could find from producers all over the world. Theory also had some beats set aside from himself and some of his associates. The end result is an astonishingly cohesive record featuring production from over 7 different producers.

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