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    Phyllis Modarelli
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    My passion is to share the light , love and promises of Jesus to all with my music and testimony. Worshiping through music and seeking a deeper connection with God, we are able to grow spiritually closer and closer to Him. Having a ministry based on biblical truths of who God is, and who He is calling us to be is also my passion. My prayer is to help people understand that worship is necessary to grow closer to Him. Being molded by God is not always what we would expect but like metal in a refiners fire the purest form of precious metal is achieved as the end result. God wants us to become the pure vessels He created us to be. God is speaking into our lives daily. We just need to listen! Phyllis


    Here is a little about the new album, me and where I am. Now, at "such a time as this" in my life, God has put me on an incredible journey of sharing his message of faith, hope and love, through music and testimony. Part of my time is working with teens at my church in the HS choir. love it! They keep you sharp =~) never a dull moment, ever! I can relate to these kids in so many ways. Plus I have one, she's actually on the cover of the album. Cool story behind that picture! She keeps me pretty busy too! I'm also very involved in the worship ministry at my church. So blessed and thankful to be there. Music is so powerful, it reaches a place in our soul that is indescribable. It crosses all boundaries. With Jesus in the mix is doesn't get any better than that! I love how Christian music has so many styles now - allowing you to be who God created you to be. Very Cool! I truly have a passion for helping people and always try to carry a bright light for Jesus. When I became a Christian, I thought I would become one of the perfect people with no problems...I was so naive. I quickly found out I should carry a sign saying "under construction", always being remolded and shaped into this Godly vessel he wants me to be. Plus, being so passionate about Jesus makes you want to share Him with the world. When we shine our light for Jesus, Satan attacks in every way possible. As a child, I had dreams of singing in front of people before I ever realized I could sing. The dreams came true many times in my life. (You know when your doing something and it clicks in your mind?) As a soloist, between the ages of 16 and 30, I sang my heart out on a regular basis. I sang all types of secular music with various bands during those years. I sang mostly to the very lost and lonely. I fell into the same category. At one point, I decided upon a time in which I would stop the singing dream and move on to the rest of my life with the wife/mommy dream. I didn't know what God had planned for me. We never do, do we? I didn't know God; I didn't have a clue of how awesome and mighty he truly is. I was raised in a Catholic home and I knew of him. I prayed to him in the way my parents taught me while I was growing up. They were the basic night time prayers and the ones to give me peace in troubled times. It was not until I was 32 that I found myself at FBC in Odessa, Texas. I was searching for more answers and wanting a foundation for my 2 year old daughter. That is when I truly found the most wonderful, unconditional love and overflowing grace of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. He became my very best friend and started me on this awesome journey to where I am now, GABC in Tyler, Texas. ( ) West to East Texas and a few major stops in between. The storms and trials have been devastating since I started on this walk, but I never lost sight of my Rock - my Jesus. My faith stays strong in Him. When the storms started rolling in, I had already given my all to him. Blessings and miracles would always come through at different times to show me he will never leave me, never. Psalm 62:2 "He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken." Now, at "such a time as this" in my life, he has put me on an incredible journey of sharing his message of faith, hope and love, through music and testimony. The Godly friends and teachers Jesus has put in my life are overwhelming. To think about the time they took in sharing their love and wisdom with me. How to build a wonderful relationship with Jesus 24/7 prepared me for this journey. The strong character and integrity of these Godly people is priceless. I'm so honored and blessed. Every day there are many lessons from God to move us closer to him we just have to ask him to open our eyes, minds and hearts to learn them. This is how I truly feel we have to be, to become the ministers God has called us to be. Be still and listen. He is always with you

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