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    Allee Der Kosmonauten
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    Allee Der Kosmonauten is a Christian Rock group in Germany.

    It began all in 2001. Stolle, Froesi and Willy were playing in the Potsdam based grind/punk band CRUDE B.E. for quite a while when their drummer Loffi started off on a bike trip through Africa. As his return remained unclear and Stolle and Froesi didn`t want to stay inactive, they asked Flo of the befriended band ALTENBURG 76 if he would like to join them in a new band - intended musical direction: fast hardcore punk without fear of occasional hidden melodies. Flo agreed to join, but it wasn`t until the beginning of 2002 when we three met in a rehearsal room located on the desolate campus of the University of Potsdam in the small village of Golm, outside the city, to exchange the first ideas for songs. The depressing place would influence us on some of our song lyrics like "Letzte Ausfahrt Golm" ("last exit Golm") or "Dorf Nazis must die" ("Village Nazis...")... After a few weeks, CRUDE B.E. singer Willy also joined us to complete the line-up: Willy/vocals, Stolle/guitar and vocals, Froesi/bass and Flo/drums. Some further weeks later we decided to give ourselves the super-cliché moniker CHAINBREAKER, always to be announced with an ironic eye-wink

    In July 2002, we had our debut gig at our Potsdam home club, the "Black Fleck", together with CONTRAVENE from Minneapolis/U.S.A. During the summer we continued to practice, experimenting with a second guitarist and several stylistic directions. In autumn, we cleared out to remain a four-piece line-up, with short and fast rocking hardcore punk songs, this decision lasting until now... . In November 2002 we made a first attempt to record ourselves on tape in the practice room. The result was a complete failure sounding so shitty that we couldn`t dare playing it to anyone. Therefore we had to try to earn us a reputation as CHAINBREAKER in 2003 through gigs only. In the meantime, Loffi had returned from his Africa experience and reanimated CRUDE B.E. whom we share members and a new practice room quite in the middle of Potsdam with since then.

    In March 2004 we again tried to record our songs, this time under a much more professional studio-like conditions on a weekend in Leipzig, under guidance of Albrecht. In May, our 30-minute-long 19-song tape "Try to live an interesting life - stay at home forever" was ready. Until now, more than 150 copies have been distributed even gained some positive responses, occasionally. For the rest of the year, we played shows with bands like ALLEE DER KOSMONAUTEN, SKRÄCK, HUMAN WASTE or PERTH EXPRESS and started to do new songs.

    As there was enough new material at the beginning of this year, we went into the idyllic studio site of Nicolaus in Potsdam-Rehbrücke to record 9. 6 of them appeared shortly after on our first 7" EP on the label of our friend and supporter Stefan Klose, Vendetta Records. Looking at it from now, we are especially and extremely happy with the outstanding and great cover artwork, designed by the artists Kasia and Damian and printed heavily professional by Olli. The reactions on our first record were mainly positive, some criticized the sound of it and lacking power and once it was said that "it looks nicer than it does actually sound", but still we`re waiting for a total tear-down. Well, we ourselves still like it and are proud of our piece of work.

    In autumn 2005, the now-legendary 15-years-jubilee-compilation "Deutschland in Decline" by the great Heartfirst label was released, to which we contributed the new recorded "smash hit" of our demo, "Dorf Nazis must die", on special invitation by label boss Flo. Apart from us, the 7" sampler features well-sounding acts like THE NOW-DENIAL, BURIAL, SOLID DECLINE, BOMBENALARM, DOOMTOWN and AMEN 81 - all German bands loosely dealing with the topic of new arising stupid national pride throughout whole Germany.

    The remaining two songs of the recording session are going to be on a split 7" with the great band MÖNSTER from Berlin, again released on Vendetta Records.

    In November 2005, we went on tour for the first time, traveling a week through Germany. The audiences varied from 20 to 200 people, but everyone we met was nice to us and we had great fun on the road and on each of the 8 gigs that we played (also see the tour diary!).

    Besides the split 7" with MÖNSTER, what 2006 will hear from CHAINBREAKER is another tour, this time a bit longer and hopefully leading us abroad. Additionally we want to continue to play as much as possible on weekends or else when it´s possible. We want to play as much squats, youth centers and other venues as possible - also at yours! Just tell us and we will turn up - promised!

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