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A Film & TV Collection [edit]
by Future Of Forestry | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 11, 2011

Credential Recordings has released a digital collection of 18 songs by Future of Forestry called A Film & TV Collection. The 18 songs come from their 3 Travel EP's and full-length album Twilight.

Track Listing
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01. Bold And Underlined
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02. Set Your Sails
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03. Hills Of Indigo Blue
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04. Slow Your Breath Down
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05. Protection
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06. Did You Lose Yourself?
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07. Open Wide
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08. All I Want
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09. Holiday
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10. Your Day's Not Over
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11. Traveler's Song
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12. Working To Be Loved
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13. This Hour
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14. You And I
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15. If You Find Her
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16. Sanctitatis
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17. Horizon Rainfall
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18. Hallelujah
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Future of Forestry [A Film & TV Collection] | Posted January 13, 2011
Since the album release in 2007, I have loved Future of Forestry's Twilight album. The song "All I Want" is a standout track and I still listen to it all the time. The lyrics "I will go where mercy meets the shame, I will go where strength will find the small and meek" are so worshipful and also reflective and challenging. Former Something Like Silas lead singer Eric Owyoung really brings out some amazing emotional rock (emo) themes like loneliness, divorce and coming out of darkness with songs like "Open Wide," "You And I" and "If You Find Her."

The past 2 years, Future Of Forestry unveiled the next step in the journey with Travel, Travel II, and Travel III, with 18 new songs that provoke contemplation, encourage day-dreaming, and deepen perspective on all things beautiful. Future of Forestry has been one of my favorite bands for the past few years. Musically they are one of the most interesting bands in any genre and are one of the best kept secrets in Christian music. The three Travel albums are all stunning, and very interesting musically. Eric Owyoung is one of my favorite vocalists and all 18 songs included in the trilogy are interesting and challenging. The best of those songs are included on this anthology collection, "Traveler's Song," "This Hour," "Hills Of Indigo Blue," "Holiday," "Protection," "Set Your Sails," "Bold And Underlined," "Your Day's Not Over," "Working To Be Loved" and "Horizon Rainfall."

?Hallelujah? reminds me to not think of prayer as a lot of words and a lot of requests of God. When we speak so much, we miss out on all of the interaction you can have with God in prayer. ?Slow Your Breath Down? reminds us to slow down and listen. We can?t earn God?s grace, it is freely given and He takes away our burdens. ?Did You Lose Yourself? ties-in with the name of the band, which is taken from a C.S. Lewis poem. Am I going to be a slave to technology and work 24/7 or am I going to take time and reflect on God?s beauty and spend time alone with Him? Life is a journey and is about having different conversations with God. These 3 songs reflect the overall message of the Travel trilogy, which is that as Christians we need to journey with God.

Naturally in my opinion I recommend downloading every song in the entire catalog of this great band, however these 18 songs are an excellent introduction to some of the best "gourmet" music I've ever heard in any genre. Then, you also need to download "Close Your Eyes" and "Closer To Me" from Travel and "Speak To Me Gently" from Twilight and you'll be completely blessed, entertained and challenged by this amazing band.

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