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Beauty In The Broken [edit]
by Starfield | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 16, 2006

Beauty In The Broken follows Starfield's critically-acclaimed debut release. Singer/writer Tim Neufeld says of the album, "The underlying theme of the CD is the idea of looking through the everyday and into the sacred... the idea that the sacred IS the reality, and not the earthly. It's about us fitting into God's reality and not the reverse." The songs are the full range of the human response to this kind of grand theme -- abandonment, surrender, apprehension, doubt, joy, and more.

Track Listing
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01. My Generation
02. The Hand That Hold the World
03. Son Of God
04. Everything Is Beautiful
05. Captivate
06. Great Is The Lord
07. Unashamed
08. Love Is The Reversal
09. Obsession
10. Glorious One
11. Shipwreck

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“My Generation” that calls for something greater than what the world has to offer. | Posted June 12, 2007
Two years after the release of Starfield's debut album, brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld return with a collection of songs filled with more raw emotion than most of the year's releases combined. Beauty in the Broken starts incredibly strong with the rising anthem, "My Generation" that calls for something greater than what the world has to offer. That audible ache for honesty and relevance resonates throughout the entire album - all the way to "Shipwreck," where the yearning becomes more intimate in the album's final, whispered line, "Your life in me, changing who I am to who I need to be."

For their sophomore effort, Starfield returned to producer Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, dcTalk, Plumb) while also enlisting the talents of GMA Award-winning producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Steven Curtis Chapman). The end result is a tightly produced album with lyrics that encourage movement and action from today's believers.

Between the edgier tracks that dominate the record lies gems of quiet worship like "Captivate," "Unashamed" and "Son Of God," featuring a guest vocal by Chris Tomlin. What Starfield accomplishes though is a mixture of emotions, tempos and styles that all encourage personal worship while remaining incredibly captivating and catchy at the same time. Overall, Beauty in the Broken is an album that certainly deserves your attention.

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IronJedi (112)

Beautiful... Just Beautiful | Posted August 22, 2007

New artists are expected to put their best foot forward on a debut project. And there's no doubt in this reviewer's mind Starfield did just that; but with their latest they took a BIG step forward. Beauty in the Broken is a remarkable album. Each song is a well-crafted work of art where faith, life and music cross.

According to Hemingway, "(t)he world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." If Beauty in the Broken is any indication, the members of Starfield have met "the world" and in the aftermath, have created something strong. Something beautiful. Seemingly taking Isaiah 61:1-3 as their cue, the lyrics of each song are a stirring gift to the Healer and Restorer of the broken and to the (broken) listener.

Although every track on Beauty in the Broken could be called a "praise song," each has it's own distinct feel and character. The music of Beauty in the Broken moves between being dynamic and deeply textured like the current single "My Generation," to being sparse, yet compelling like the almost ethereal "Unashamed." One of this band's strengths is their ability to create a musical atmosphere that effortlessly compliments the import and tone of the lyrics.

Paraphrasing Cicero, Christians should be motivated by a keen desire to praise, and the better motivated a person is, the more they are inspired by glory. After listening to Starfield's sophomore release, there should be no doubt Who motivates the members and what inspires them! If you enjoy modern pop/rock worship alá downhere, Lifehouse, Lincoln Brewster, and Chris Tomlin you definitely need to get Beauty in the Broken (and the guys' self-titled album)- an incredible follow-up building on an impressive debut.

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S.T.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. | Posted March 07, 2010

This is how I would describe this album in it's entirety. I listened to this album non-stop for about 2 months, because it was the kind of worship I love; where every single word could connect with your own. I felt like I could sing these songs, and I could comfortably and confidently sing it from my heart as if it was my own song. Starfield really took a step up from their Sparrow debut, and their growth could only go up after this album. Extremely recommended to everyone. So go check it out. Now.

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Gorgeous | Posted January 12, 2010
I know it's been a while since this album has been released, but it is a beautiful album.

The first track on the album My Generation is quite powerful, with guitars and a message!

The song Shipwreck was in my opinion the melodic standout of the album. It on loop for days! Featuring melancholy melodies and an emotive piano line it set the mood for the repentant lyrics.

Songs like Everything is Beautiful and Glorious One are perfect praise songs, reflecting on the wonder of God but not really outstanding musical arrangements, unlike Shipwreck.

Loved the vocals overall and this album really touched me.

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this rocks | Posted May 26, 2009
This is a great album. I can't believe that it hasn't got much publicity. There isn't a weak track on hear. don't take my word, go buy for yourself.

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Great Album | Posted November 28, 2008
This is hands down one of the best personal introspective worship albums I have ever heard. Every song hits you right where you live and challenges you to break out of the selfish worldly existence that we so often find ourselves in. The album is a call to lay aside the weights that drag us down and to worship our great and mighty God with joy and satisfaction in Him. From the opening song that calls us to stand up and take our place in God's plan, to the final cry of thankfulness for His saving grace, this album will rock you to your core and cause you to reexamine who is truly first place in your life. My favorite song is Shipwreck. We were totally dead, useless and broken until Jesus called us and brought us to His shore and made us alive in Him. What a glorious Savior we have! Also, in the song Obsession we find that we should make God the object of our desire. So many times we have replaced God with the idols of convenience and put our personal satisfaction at the center of our lives. In Unashamed we see that it doesn't matter what we are, what we have, or what we have down because if God has saved us his grace and mercy have made us His children. We have the ability to stand before Him completely unashamed. Wow! I highly recommend this album to anyone who ahs a heart and passion for God. it will only serve to help fan the flames.

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Mitzy (108)

LOVE IT!!! | Posted September 24, 2008
I just got it and i cant stop listening to it....i love this cd...they are an amazing band and they made a great ablum....yeah!!!!!im happy that i had the money to get the cd because I have been wanting to get it!!

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Love at first listen | Posted March 20, 2008
This CD is one of my favorite CDS that I own, and I own alot of CDS. It is filled with great worship songs that make you want to sing along and lift you hands in praise to God. There is so much to expect out of this great group. They have amazing vocals and they know what they are doing.

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username2 (378)

Better Than Debut | Posted January 28, 2008
Starfield's sophomore album is a little bit edgier than their debut. A lot of really great worship songs on this one.

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coredog (62)

Even better than the first | Posted October 22, 2007
Wow--this one is even better than their first solid album. The CD is definately headlined by three awesome tunes: Everything is Beautiful, Son of God (I love seeing artists team up, like this one with Chris Tomlin) and Unashamed (very powerful). If you even remotely liked the first one, you will DIE for this one!!!!

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Starfield | Posted August 23, 2007
Starfield is a great artist and this CD is amazing!

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